A Simple Statement on Nuclear Power

A petition from the Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS):

“We do not support construction of new nuclear reactors as a means of addressing the climate crisis. Available renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner strategies for reducing greenhouse emissions than nuclear power.”

Sign ItI signed because I agree that:

We’re getting a little tired hearing nuclear industry lobbyists and pro-nuclear politicians allege that environmentalists are now supporting nuclear power as a means of addressing the climate crisis. We know that’s not true, and we’re sure you do too. In fact, using nuclear power would be counterproductive at reducing carbon emissions. As Amory Lovins of Rocky Mountain Institute points out, “every dollar invested in nuclear expansion will worsen climate change by buying less solution per dollar…”

2 thoughts on “A Simple Statement on Nuclear Power

  1. Whooee! I signed it awhile back. I ain’t the least bit hopeful that an online petition carries any weight, though. While we’re signin’ petitions, Harper’s signin’ onto GNEP. The Global Nuclear Energy Policy requires uranium exporters to repatriate spent nuclear fuel. The effect of that is that Canada will become the world’s largest nuclear waste dump. Thank Harper. Someone said this was like food exporters being reqired to repatriate feces. Actually, it’s much worse.

    Spent nuclear fuel is one million times more radioactive than fresh, unused fuel. Presently, Ontario Power Generation is training its own paramilitary force to guard the growing amount of spent fuel we create at our own nuclear power plants. If Harper gets his wish, we’ll be guarding hundreds of times more waste… at our expense and peril.

    All this without the hint of a public debate. Transparency and accountability.


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