Canada to reprocess other nations’ nuclear waste

 Well, PMS just can’t get close enough to Georgie, now can he?  They are just as snug as two bugs in a rug on this nuke stuff, aren’t they?  And I’ll bet SaskParty leader,  Brad Wall, is chomping at the bit to make it a threesome — or would that be a foursome, given that John Howard is in there like a dirty shirt?

From the Globe and Mail: Canada to reprocess other nations nuclear waste

As he headed to a meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation forum in Australia yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was expected to face questions on whether Canada will join the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, a group of major nuclear powers dedicated to spreading nuclear technology into developing countries.

U.S. President George W. Bush – who is leading the GNEP process – has suggested that, as a price of entry, major uranium-producing countries should agree to accept and dispose of nuclear waste from countries to which they sell the uranium for reactor fuel.

Canada is the world’s largest uranium producer, followed closely by Australia, whose government has already indicated an interest in joining the nuclear partnership.

“We’re very seriously looking at our options but a final decision has not been made on it yet,” Mr. Lunn said yesterday. “There are some benefits that we would want to be looking for, but I believe there could be some advantages for Canada to be an official member of the GNEP.”

Who knew nuclear would be an issue in the next federal election?  I surely don’t see Canadians wanting to cuddle up any closer to  Dubya than they already are.

Nail in the coffin for PMS?

2 thoughts on “Canada to reprocess other nations’ nuclear waste

  1. What’s scaring me is that Harper is acting as if he has executive powers, like a US President. How many decisions are being made during this extended summer recess? There is absolutely no scrutiny by media or Parliament.

  2. On a moral basis we should be held accountable, or at least partially so, for the uranium that we mine and export from Canada. However, as it stands now Canada has no concrete long-term waste repository for our own waste, let alone what we export.

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