First Nation blocks access to mining firm to protect their lands and waters

A couple of weeks ago the Ardoch and Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin First Nation in Eastern Ontario stated they would not participate in the court process which ignored their right to lands which may soon be mined for uranium.  They issued a public letter to Premier Dalton McGinty to seek his “intervention in the impasse that currently exists with respect to uranium exploration in Algonquin territory. ” From the CBC:

Two First Nations communities being sued for blocking potential uranium development at a site in eastern Ontario have told Premier Dalton McGuinty they are quitting the court process and won’t leave the area even if ordered to do so by a judge.

On Saturday, September 1, the first Nations communities kept their word.  From the Kingston Whig Standard, a.k.a. Osprey media:

The court order was delivered verbally by a sheriff standing on the road in front of the crowd, most of whom were blocking the mine entrance. As the sheriff issued the order, the crowd drummed, chanted and yelled.

Shabot Obaadjiwan war chief Earl Badour, who oversees the security of the protesters at the site, said he met the officers with a group of about 24 warriors.

“I said to them we were not speaking,” said Badour.

Badour then signalled for the native flag to be turned upside down as a symbolic gesture that “all natives are in distress. And the government has put them all in distress,” he said.

The First Nations Statement of Defence and counterclaim is here.  This will be an important struggle to watch in terms of First Nations land claims and the rabid nuclear industry.


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