Albertans promised public discussion

Y’ know, I can’t help but wonder if this whole Alberta going nuke thing isn’t just an opportunity for the new Premier, Ed Stelmach, to get some desperately needed attention.

In a CBC interview he says,

 “We’ll involve all Albertans in public discussion to see if that’s a direction they want to go,” Stelmach said Tuesday, sidestepping questions about his view of nuclear power.

And that is pretty much what Saskatchewan’s Premier, Lorne Calvert said before his government said,

 “Saskatchewan uranium significantly reduces the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by supporting nuclear power generation that displaces coal, oil and natural gas fired generation.”

And we still haven’t had a real public discussion…

Oh, and did you know they’re building a highway from Fort McLeod AB to the Saskatchewan border and from La Loche SK to the Alberta border.  Any bets on what that road is for!?!

How goddamned stupid do they think we are?

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