Alberta nuking up

According to a report in the Calgary Herald, an Alberta company has filed for a license to build a nuclear reactor.


Alberta nuclear future a step closer

Calgary firm files for licence as site selected

The prospect of a nuclear-fuelled Alberta moved closer to reality after a Calgary-based company filed for a licence to build the province’s first reactor.

Energy Alberta Corp. said late Monday it has formally requested permission from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to construct a pair of twin-unit Candu reactors about 500 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

That’s Peace River country where, I believe, some pristine wilderness still exists. I hope Albertans care more for their environment than they do for profits — not that nukes profit anyone except big business — and put an end to this nonsense. It’s simply another way to buy into the military-industrial complex. not to mention what it will do to the environment, the ecological systems, the animals, including those human ones who will work with the uranium.

Here’s the joke:

Energy Alberta Corporation is an Alberta based provider of clean energy. Our mission is to provide clean, emission-free energy, utilizing advanced and proven nuclear technology to supply oil sands operators and the province of Alberta with a reliable flow of electricity at a competitive cost.

Expect as well, from the proponents of these lies, an ecologically racist argument, suggesting that the people of the North will benefit from the jobs created by fueling up on uranium.

Alberta progressives, this is your time to shine.

Some Background Reading:


Nuclear Policy Research Institute

Wise Uranium

5 thoughts on “Alberta nuking up

  1. This is in my home stompin’ grounds and I can report that a lot of the local people, mostly farmers who haven’t benefitted from the boom in the same way the oil execs have are pinning their hopes on this project to finally bring the prosperity promised to them. I have no doubt that prosperity will be restricted the fewest possible myself.

    However, as someone who grew up during the final throes of the Cold War, to see far more violence from conventional war after the demise of the Soviet Union, I cannot have a knee-jerk anti-nuclear reaction. (Indeed, I’m convinced that mutually-assured destruction is the only thing that’s proven reliable at preventing conventional war. When it comes to nuclear weapons, more indeed may be better.) As for nuclear energy well, it looks like a really expensive and inefficient solution to a not very significant problem. Albertans have lots of electricity for domestic markets – this plant seems more designed for export, with little benefit to Alberta.

    As for pristine wilderness in the Peace, I’m sorry to report that the pine beetle and the logging companies are quickly eating it. 😦

  2. Farming that far north? Well, that will be the end of that, then, won’t it?

    Seems to me the pine beetle and the logging companies are the price of rampant capitalism and there is still a bigger price to be paid should Albertans adopt nuclear energy. Saskatchewan’s North is a testament to that.

  3. The People of Whitecourt and Woodlands County rejected the Peace River Reactors.

    Peoples nuclear discussion Blue Ridge Hall (01 Aug 2007)
    (40 video segments 1 Hour 15 Minutes)

    clips 1 throught 10

    Clips 11 through 20

    Clips 21 through 30

    Clips 31 through 40

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