Idjit on Uranium

The Sask Party’s top idjit Leader, Brad Wall is even worse on the uranium issue than the NDP government. According to Wall, with a Sask Party government in Saskatchewan we’d be looking at giving our tax dollars to the likes of Areva, a very profitable multinational corporation, to build a uranium refinery and to promote value-added opportunities right here in Saskatchewan.

Never mind that uranium is one of the most deadly substances on the planet or that the ethical funds people won’t invest in uranium or that it would lock us more tightly into the military industrial complex or that it is our uranium that was depleted and used to kill other human beings and will continue to create health problems for people for generations to come…

From the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

A Saskatchewan Party government would provide incentives to spur research into uranium refining and possible nuclear power production in the province, leader Brad Wall said Wednesday.

Wall told the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce that Saskatchewan should become a world leader not only in mining and exporting uranium, but also in refining and storing it and generating nuclear power.

“If elected, a Saskatchewan Party government will immediately take action to move Saskatchewan into a leadership position in uranium value-added opportunities,” he said.

“I think we need to give the uranium value-added cycle much more provincial attention, both in terms of public policy and provincial resources.”


9 thoughts on “Idjit on Uranium

  1. Unless we make jobs defending the land that it’s being mined out of, we have to accept that people are going to use it. We may as well benefit it as most as possible, and do the best we can to ensure it’s used responsibly and with the least side effects.

  2. What a horribly defeatest attitude you present here, Saskboy. The only benefit we get is being called ecological racists by the rest of the world because we put First Nations peoples and their communities into dangerous occupations. Safe and uranium are not possible. Have you seen the devastation that uranium mining leaves in its wake? Have you read anything about the Simpsonesque fish living in our northern waters? I suggest you do more work before you speak out on this issue Saskboy. I’ll post some links in the next couple of days to help you along.

    Jeez, I thought you were green, but you’re really just a wolf in sheep’s clothing, eh?

    Oh, and you can be sure it will be over my dead body that any expansion of uranium mining takes place in this province!

  3. I agree with the person who took issue with Saskboy. The uranium mining industry leaves a trail of radioactivity that will last for thousands of years, affecting unborn generations who will have no way of reversing the problems. We owe it to them to stop all this nuclear talk right now. The few jobs generated won’t be worth the environmental, health and economic disaster. I was just talking about this issue with my Dad and a friend this morning, and I ended by saying that I will fight the nuclear issue until my dying breath. To do less would be to betray my children, grandchildren and hundreds of generations to come.

  4. I agree with Saskboy on this one (It does happen from time to time John). We are mining it anyway so lets create more jobs refining this product. I would be in favour of building some Candu reactors here as well. Another great way to suck some cash out of the Americans. BTW before you demonize Areva as an evil multinational company keep in mind they are owned by the French Government. If you have a problem with Areva then you have a problem with successive socialst French governments that produce most of their energy with nuclear power as well. If you have any liks to support your “Simpsonesque fish” comment they would be appreciated.

  5. Doesn’t this thing Brad Wall and Saskparty sound familiar???

    It’s just the SaskPC Debt production of the 1980’s! Bad Wall is saying on the floor of the legislature he’ll be building megaprojects again using Saskatchewan Taxpayer money!

    Incidently, Brad Wall worked in John Gerrich’s office where fraud was committed on a daily basis right under his nose. Wall worked as an Economic Aide… It was Brad Wall’s Economics that let to $15,000,000,000 (15 Billion) in Debt for Saskatchewan in the first place… a debt by the way, that Saskatchewan is still trying desperately to pay off…


  6. lost my comment, doh.

    “What a horribly defeatest attitude you present here, Saskboy.”

    I’d suggest your attitude is the defeatist one. You’re looking to have us sit in the dark and be the labourers, instead of developing the industry here so we benefit from the resource (instead of just get the down sides that you’ve highlighted). I also envision a time when we can remove the waste from earth, or convert it into benign matter.

    One day we’ll be able to convert the sun’s energy directing into electricity at an efficient and cheap rate, but until then let’s use our uranium.

  7. I just stumbled upon this blog. I see the typical NDP supporter comments above. The same fear mongering continues. “The Sask Party will sell our province to the devil (America & big business) bla bla bla.”

    Businesses supply us with jobs and help by contributing to the tax base. This helps support all the unnecessary social programs the NDP holds so dearly (ie. $15 senior prescriptions).

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