Get POGGE a Blackberry!

So, like, if any of you know that Cherniak fellow who posts from his Blackberry from time to time, or even that Wells gyu over at McLean’s, maybe you could talk to them and see if they’d loan their fancy little units to our favourite blogger, pogge, who is in hospital and rehab for the next little while after surviving a nasty accident.

I know they’re all entitled to their entitlements, and I mean, it’s not as though the folks over at POGGE aren’t doing a fine enough job.  It’s just that some of us in blogosphere are truly missing the words of his POGGEness and so if any of you can talk to those Blackberried fellas, that’d be great!

Glad to hear you’re on the mend, pogge.


3 thoughts on “Get POGGE a Blackberry!

  1. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea . . . I hear that a crackberry is highly addictive. It may not mix well with his meds!

  2. It would probably be quicker to mug one of them or possibly both; after all with those things you need a receiver as well as a giver, don’t you?

    Not that I am proposing or endorsing any illegal action whatsoever; the word “mug” is purely metaphorical. (In the alternative, “to mug” really means to give them a coffee while borrowing the device in question.)

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