Unused Utes Unite

If BP says so, it must be true!

So, on Sunday be sure to celebrate

International Day of the Unused Uterus

To commemorate the International Day of the Unused Uterus, there will be candlelight vigils at maternity wards around the world. Demonstrators will symbolically shut their vaginas by applying an X made of duct tape to the crotch of their pants. (Heavy denim recommended.)

Please take part in the International Day of the Unused Uterus: she is counting on you to speak up for her!


3 thoughts on “Unused Utes Unite

  1. Hopefully while we regulate pregnancy we can bring back eugenics too. That’d be super.

    Am I missing something here? All I see is one big band-aid solution.

    Maybe a band-aid instead of duct tape would be appropriate…

  2. Uh, Rhett, friend…ya musta missed this at the BP site:

    This site is parody.
    Intended to be viewed with a healthy dose of humour and a recognition that just as we would not want to impede women’s choice to have babies, we must not impede their choice not to.

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