On Getting Re-elected

Well, PMS is certainly desperate for that Majority, isn’t he?  Remember all the boo-boos we at P’n’P pointed out along the way?  Well, he went ahead and made them despite public outcry, declaring them to be right for Canadians, blah-blah-blah.  But when the polls started looking a little poorly for him and his band of Reform-a-Tories, he started shapeshifting.

Now look at him!  He’s gone green (and included monies for E85 cars in the budget because the plant is close to Flaherty’s riding)!  He’s dumping tonnes of money into the provinces (attempting to buy votes in Ontario and Quebec with transfer payments)!  He’s making noise about investing in childcare (but it’s really a cut because he has yet to replace all the money he’s taken from it).  He’s re-investing money in women (but won’t put equality back into the mandate of Status of Women Canada).  I could go on.

But I won’t because there’s enough here to show that all he’s doing is all for show.  He is a cold-hearted and calculating man who is desperate to be re-elected.   If we allow him his wish, we will lose all he has promised and more.  North American Union will proceed very quickly, mark my words, and we will be one step closer to being a fully fascist state.


2 thoughts on “On Getting Re-elected

  1. Surely Stevie has one redeeming quality? Doesn’t he allow his wife Lureen to take in stray cats?

    On the other hand, in spite of the fact that I’m a tree-hugging animal-lover, would that fact persuade to vote for him?


  2. One redeeming quality? Hmm… He’s a grea… No, that was Clark. Hmm… He has goo… No, that was Dief. I know, he is the first to go gre… Hmph! Nope. That was Brian.

    Sorry, can’t think of a thing. 🙂

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