Commentary: SK Budget

The Sask Indymedia Collective has a number of commentaries on the recent provincial budget posted at Act Up in Sask

Larry Hubich of the Sask Federation of Labour notes a couple of decent things, namely, the cap on drug costs for seniors and plans to get more workers to stay in SK.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says that the government is not doing enough to ensure that all of SK’s people benefit from the economic prosperity of the province.

The Sask Government and General Employees Union welcomes the extra money that will go into highways but says more is needed in the community service sector, particularly for the front-line workers at Community Resources, Child Welfare and the Social Assistance Plan.

That last one pretty much sums up why the NDP are poised to lose the next election in SK.  The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.  The NDP government in SK has done so little in the area of social programming and support that they are being spurned by their own.  But that’s what happens when those who were once progressives adopt a neoconservative economic agenda.


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