Code Blue Letter to Opposition Leaders

Code Blue Letter to Opposition Leaders on the Eve of the March 19th federal budget
For immediate release
March 18, 2007

Opposition asked to act against $1 billion cut in child care funding

OTTAWA -- Canadians are counting on the federal opposition parties to speak
out against the $1 billion cut in federal funding for child care that
Finance Minister Flaherty will make when he tables his budget on Monday.

In a letter to the leaders of the three opposition parties, the Code Blue
for Child Care campaign urges they not be misled by pre-budget speculation
that the Conservatives are doing a flip flop on child care policy.

Late last week the media reported that Stephen Harper¹s government is
abandoning its scheme to create child care spaces through tax incentives to
businesses and will instead transfer $250 million to the provinces and

³We believe the Conservative government is advancing this sudden change of
policy to deflect attention from its cancellation on April 1st of the
previously announced multibillion dollar, multiyear transfer payment package
for early learning and child care,² says Code Blue in its letter to the
opposition leaders. ³The cancellation of $1.2 billion in each of the next
three years constitutes a massive cut for early learning and child care

Code Blue called on the leaders to help explain to Canadians that a $250
million transfer payment (if it indeed does appear in the budget) can not be
regarded as a positive step because it translates into a $1 billion cut.


Code Blue is a Canada-wide campaign to build a real pan-Canadian child care
system. The campaign brings together parents, national, provincial and
territorial child care organizations, labour, women's and social justice
groups along with Canadians from all walks of life.

Parents and child care advocates are taking part in Budget Watch for Child
Care sessions in communities across Canada and will be available for comment
after the Minister of Finances delivers his speech.

For more information:  Morna Ballantyne, Code Blue Coordinator, 613-791-3411

One thought on “Code Blue Letter to Opposition Leaders

  1. I think this has the potential to be a major election issue. When I’m talking politics for various people, a lot of them mention the failure to create childcare spaces as something that’s effecting them personally.

    Myself, I find it just spectacular to think that a national childcare programme was proposed when I was young enough to *be* in daycare and now, when I’m old enough to *have* kids going in daycare, there *still* isn’t one. That really puts is in perspective, eh?

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