Rabid Anti-Feminist Men

Another from the Inbox, this time it’s a call for solidarity in a lawsuit against a magazine that carried a feminist’s article which criticized an anti-feminist men’s group.

From: Barbara Legault <barbaralegault@yahoo.ca>
Date: February 4, 2007 7:39:44 PM EST (CA)
To: —@—–
Subject: Call for solidarity: Lawsuit against leftist magazine and feminist activist

Dear friends, feminists and pro-feminists organizers and allies,

You will find below and attached a public declaration and call for solidarity concerning a lawsuit filled against A Babord! magazine and myself for an article that I wrote on antifeminism. I also attached the original article translated into English. Please spread the word.

If you would like a copy of the declaration and article in French, please don’t hesitate to contact me at barbaralegault@yahoo.ca .

In solidarity,

Barbara Legault
Please distribute widely!

Public Declaration and Call for Solidarity

Barbara Legault and À Babord! magazine are being sued for libel by
Andy Srougi, coordinator of Fathers4Justice – Québec

Montréal, January 28, 2007 – Activist Barbara Legault and À bâbord ! magazine are being sued for libel by Andy Srougi, a member of the group Fathers4Justice. “Mr. Srougi […] attracted public attention last year when he climbed the Jacques-Cartier bridge.” (La Presse, December 7, 2006). Mr. Srougi is accusing Barbara Legault of having “uttered hateful comments” about him in her article “Des hommes contre le féminisme” (men against feminism), published in the October/November 2006 issue of À bâbord ! magazine (see the attached article).

In his motion, Mr. Srougi claims that Ms. Legault wrote “libellous, false and hateful comments […] that damaged [his] reputation and caused him emotional distress that has led to painful physical consequences, prevented him from sleeping, and caused headaches and enormous stress.” The libel suit can be consulted in French on the Internet site www.papataime.com, coordinated by Mr. Srougi.

Mr. Srougi, who calls himself a “men’s rights activist,” is demanding $20,000 for mental suffering as a result of libel and $4,000 in exemplary damages. In fact, in the article in question, Ms. Legault pointed out that masculinists are increasingly turning to the courts to challenge feminist organizations and activists.

This is not the first time Mr. Srougi has used the courts against feminists and their allies, as well as against various government agencies and politicians. La Presse reported on November 9, 2006 that “exasperated by Fathers4Justice’s ‘abusive’ tactics, the Barreau du Québec went to Superior Court to have the organization and its main spokesperson, Andy Srougi, declared vexatious litigants. The Webster’s Dictionary defines vexatious in a legal context as “legal actions instituted without sufficient grounds and serving only to cause annoyance to the defendant.”

Mr. Srougi recently told La Presse, “The board of directors of F4J has decided to launch lawsuits against any organization or individual who attempts to libel F4J. […] We now have a paid lawyer on board. Other persons cited in À bâbord ! are going to sue the publication. Expect many, many more lawsuits in 2007, especially against radical feminist groups.” (André Noël, La Presse, December 7, 2006).
Legal Defence: A Call for Solidarity

Barbara Legault and all those working for À bâbord !, an independent, bimonthly magazine that receives no subsidies and is produced entirely by volunteers, are calling for solidarity from groups and individuals concerned about this lawsuit.

We believe that Andy Srougi’s actions go far beyond the scope of the present lawsuit, since he has also filed complaints against other feminist and pro-feminist groups and individuals with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, among others. We do not believe that À bâbord ! and its writer are the true targets of the libel allegations; the real target is the feminist analyses contained in the article, ideas that are supported and promoted by the women’s movement and its allies in Québec.

This legal action is, above all, political, because the lawsuit targets freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Masculinism is the focus of a lot of attention, debate and serious concern within the women’s movement. The publication of the article “Des hommes contre le féminisme” is simply one contribution to an ongoing debate. If Mr. Srougi is successful in his lawsuit against Barbara Legault and À bâbord !, there could be serious repercussions for the capacity of feminists and independent publications to publish analyses and opinion and to contribute to a legitimate and crucial public debate on masculinism. Moreover, a victory by Mr. Srougi would seriously threaten the very existence of À bâbord ! magazine.
Creation of a Legal Defence Fund

We are calling on your solidarity to create a legal defence fund that will enable us to defend ourselves against Andy Srougi’s legal offensive. Lawyers Pierre-Louis Fortin-Legris and François Cyr of the firm Ouellet, Nadon & associés, will try to keep the fees and costs associated with the defence as low as possible, however a minimum of $4,000 will be incurred by the suit.

All contributions are welcome, from small donations to more substantial sums from union and community organizations. Please make your cheques payable to “A Bâbord!”, indicate “legal defence” on your donation and send it to:

À bâbord !
To the attention of: Claude Rioux / Legal Defence
P.O. Box 67, Station C
Montréal, Québec H2L 4S7

If Andy Srougi loses this case and is required to pay the legal fees, any donations received will be returned to the groups and individuals concerned. We also appreciate any other form of support and solidarity—do not hesitate to write to us. The first court hearing of the legal proceedings will take place on February 15, 2007 in Montreal. We will keep you informed of any developments in this case. We are grateful for your contributions and support.

In solidarity and in struggle,

Barbara Legault and the À bâbord Collective!

– 30 –

Information: Claude Rioux, crioux@ababord.org / 514-523-6928
Barbara Legault, barbaralegault@yahoo.ca
Document 1 Men Against Feminism

Document 2 Public Declaration and Call for Solidarity


15 thoughts on “Rabid Anti-Feminist Men

  1. I’m so confused.

    Womans group hurt a mens group members feelings.

    Mens group member files vexacious( new for for me) lawsuit, 1 of many.

    Women’s group panicky over legal cost and possible loss of law suit.

    Mens group sick of getting pushed around by women who don’t like men.

    Womens group sick of male domination, insist on being minded for a change.

    Back and forth, pissing contest.

    Solidarity! insists the womens group member, hoping anyone else cares and will send cash.

    Men/Women fractured into little groups/driven by political correctness lies and demand for abortion and gay rights.

    Never the two shall meet.

    Who wants to live like that?

    Who makes stomping their feet and insisting everyone agree with them ALL the time their lifes work?

    And, French Canadians are involved.

    This may never be settled.

  2. Oh, sorry.

    I threw the pissing contest thing in there on my own.

    The details don’t matter to me as much as the fistfight between what ought to be friends and the shrill whining nature of all this.

    But, like I said they’re french who happen to live in Canada and not the average bears.

  3. The details don’t matter? Just how shallow are you, you who claims to see plainly? And just why should any of my readers take you seriously when you’ve not done the reading on the matter? Why should your opinion matter if you haven’t bothered to study the subject at issue in this post?

    Furthermore, are you suggesting that French Canadians are lesser human beings than the ROC? And if so, then I shall ask you to stop. Now.

  4. Hi

    No need to get testy.

    Im certain this seems like life and death to you but mostly like a waste of court time and other peoples money to me.

    If you had forced a level of tort reform, then this wouldn’t have happened.

    What’s with the lesser human beings thing?

    I suppose there’s no sport without drama.

    I’ll leave you to your fans.

  5. You’re the one who added drama – you insinuate that the french being involved somehow makes things worse. They are not average bears like you, of course. Or did you mean something else by your snarky comment?

  6. Fine.

    Let’s say the decline of western civilization is hastened by a feminized culture which proritizes rights and entitlements, government health care, day care,and a myriad of handouts from cradle to grave.

    The old school primary imperatives of solid national defense, self-reliance and family have been trampled by the self ingratiation of modern “greater good” philosophy. Of course, the public treasury provides for the new way to view your nation: give me what I want, now.

    The fact that this leads to paranoid pettiness should be no shock. Theres much more to protect than ideas. There are checks in the mail to lust after, and a victimhood status to maintain.

    Canada, and much of the west, has sunk to the lowest level of self worship: I demand my rights, and you need to pay for offending me.

    Maybe this new way to view the world is so inculcated into societal norms, that the self interested, victimized group and entitlement mentality will never be overcome.

    Let’s hope not.

    A nation in decline look no further than it’s priorities.

  7. Having read the English translation of the article in question, I am surprised by the lawsuit and see it as a long shot. Likely, the courts will become frustrated by such a waste of time.

  8. “Let’s say the decline of western civilization is hastened by a feminized culture which proritizes rights and entitlements, government health care, day care,and a myriad of handouts from cradle to grave.”

    Your joking, how can this happen. Could it be that All government politicians are only interested with the VAGINA vote and only promote their interest….NEVER.

  9. Finally, someone making the lying feminists accountable for their hate and malice. Hypocritical feminists always point the funger at other whenever anyone dares to suggest that it’s they that spreead the male-hate and they will eventually have to held accountable.

    Good on you F4J. Excellent, I will be donating to their cause.

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