Cdn Biz Torching Villages!

It’s Skye Resources doing the torching and if anyone can shed light on any of their Board Members or members of the Management Team, please comment below. It seems that Mr. William (Bill) Enrico, Vice President Operations, is responsible for all operational activities at the Fenix Project in Guatemala, where the torching took place.  And yes, of course, they got the state on side before the torching.  But this is a Canadian company and  well, foolish me, I’d thought we Canadians were able to negotiate rather than obliterate.

It seems very important that we make the connections these particular Canadians have to other Canadians and to make them public. Most particularly, I’d be interested in any connections these nasty men have to Stephen Harper and his band of fascists.

>From EVICTIONS AT EL ESTOR, IZABAL, GUATEMALAOn January 8th and 9th 2007, hundreds of police and soldiers in Guatemala

forcibly evicted the inhabitants of several communities who were living on

lands that a Guatemalan military government had granted to Canadian mining

company INCO in 1965. Local indigenous populations claim the land to be

theirs, and resent the exploitation of an outside corporation. Canada’s Skye

Resources now lays claim to the land, and paid workers a nominal sum to

destroy people’s homes. With the force of the army and police, company

workers took chainsaws and torches to people’s homes, while women and

children stood by. Skye Resources claims that they maintained “a peaceful

atmosphere” during this action.


Here is the website of the company Skye Resources…

See below to view a video of the evictions.


From: Rodolfo Pino-Robles []

Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2007 4:19 PM


Subject: Please distribute…. Por favor distribuya

Violent eviction of Indigenous people in Guatemala in favour of a Canadian

Mining Company.

Violento desalojo de Indígenas en Guatemala en favor de una minera


Rodolfo Pino-Robles

Professor of Native, Religious, Inter- Disciplinary Studies, Sociology, and


Musician and Composer

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

International Campaign for Indigenous Dignity



3 thoughts on “Cdn Biz Torching Villages!

  1. I’m happy that my company doesn’t do their news releases anymore. We used to, it seems.

    Anyways, it’s interesting that on Skye’s press releases the natives are labelled as squatters. What am I to do in a world of spin?

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