That was then…this is now

Read this most excellent article from the Ottawa Citizen, regarding the cuts to SWC and the impact.  (But the author neglected to mention the Funeral for the Future, organized by U of Regina students.)

That was then…this is now (Part 1)

‘A long way, baby,’ has long been the standard measure of women’s progress toward equality. But how far have we really come? It’s a question women are asking given the Conservative government’s decision to all but dismantle the only federal agency for Canadian women



Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Sunday, January 28, 2007

If hey weren’t fuelled by such anger and dismay, the protests might almost resemble a warm walk down nostalgia lane, scenes from the ’60s and ’70s when uppity women were called “libbers” for their subversive belief in equality with men.

There they were by the thousands throughout the fall and into December, signs in hand, protesting in cities across the country.

“Are we equal? NO,” read one of the placards at an Ottawa demonstration held Dec. 10 (International Human Rights Day), a rally with the slogan “Women will not go quietly back to the kitchen.” The rallying cry, heard on the 25th anniversary of Canada’s ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, echoed those heady days 40 years ago when the granddaughters of suffragettes were starting to rediscover women’s uppitiness.

Except that the protesters were marching in 2006.

Read the full article.


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