Harper’s Biggest Lie

Given the slashing his New Government of Canada has given women across the country, via cuts to Status of Women Canada, the document below must surely qualify as proof that anything Stephen Harper says or does can never be trusted.

Here’s hoping those who think he’s turning green will see through the b.s.

Thanks to NUPGE for the image.


One thought on “Harper’s Biggest Lie

  1. Someone with money could reproduce that signed proclamation (public record) and put it to good use at many women’s shelters, rights marches and general elections.
    Promise Made, Promise Bashed on the Head and Rolled up in a Rug.
    Recall Harper’s words on the Pickton case and how he lamented the horror, but not once did he voice concern that women were targetted. Those women are not Harper’s women, so he needs care little.
    Time to bring a little United Nations Human Rights on home to Harper.

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