US official lies re: NAFTA corridor?

I wonder if the U.S. government has trained their officials in telling lies. Either that, or they keep their Undersecretaries locked in dungeons.

World Net News reports that a US Department of Transportation official, Jeff Shane, told a US House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure that the North American SuperCorridor, aka the NAFTA Highway, is an “Internet conspiracy” and an urban legend.”

I suppose, then, that the NASCO Corridor website must be part of the conspiracy and that of the Trans-Texas Corridor must also be part of it. And, those I’ve referenced in numerous posts here at P’n’P, the boards of directors as well as numerous government and business officials from Canada, the USA, and Mexico, must be the conspirators.

Plan for superhighway
ripped as ‘urban legend’

Congressman, DOT undersecretary disagree over threat to sovereignty

Posted: January 26, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

Jeffrey N. Shane, undersecretary for DOT

Congressmen and a policy official of the Department of Transportation engaged in a spirited exchange over whether NAFTA Super Highways were a threat to U.S. sovereignty or an imaginary “Internet conspiracy,” such as the “black helicopter myths,” advanced by fringe lunatics. At a meeting Wednesday of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Jeffrey N. Shane, undersecretary of transportation for policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation, testified.

During the questioning by committee members, Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, asked Shane about the existence of plans for a “NAFTA superhighway.”

Shane responded he was “not familiar with any plan at all, related to NAFTA or cross-border traffic.”

After further questioning by Poe, Shane stated reports of NAFTA superhighways or corridors were “an urban legend.”

At this, the chairman, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., questioned aloud whether Shane was just “gaming semantics” when responding to Poe’s question.

“Mr. Shane was either blissfully ignorant or he may have been less than candid with the committee,” Poe told WND in a telephone interview.

4 thoughts on “US official lies re: NAFTA corridor?

  1. How dare you suggest that a politician or any of their henchmen would lie? What are you a Communist? Perhaps a little time in jail would help you learn not to question those in charge of your life and don’t forget,your family’s lives.

    It won’t be long and that is how our life will be if we don’t stop the terrorists in their tracks now. Call me paranoid, I don’t care, but I see our freedoms slowly vanishing like the sun in the sky around 5:30 each day. If you think for one minute that the politicians and their friends will not separate themselves from us, the serfs, then you are crazy. They are working on eliminating the middle class as quickly as they can and by God, they are doing a helluva job.

    I hate what I see the politicians from both sides of the aisle trampling on the Constitution with much support from the Bench.

  2. Remember what Newspeak is…it allows people to tell half-truths and later twist history to reinforce their words as having been accurate and never “misleading.”

    Remember the WMDs…the uranium in Nigeria…all that good stuff? Just a couple quick examples I can think of…

    Let’s break down the Newspeak though…

    Shane responded (his lips were moving, were they not?) he was “not familiar(he’s not read any bills, like most congressmen don’t) with any plan at all, related to NAFTA (well it doesn’t have to be DIRECTLY RELATED to NAFTA) or cross-border traffic (yes, one could always cross the Rio Grande in a pair of hip-waders, who needs a ‘superhighway’ to do that?).”

    If there is no plan to form a North American Union, then why do we even bother to do things like NAFTA, CAFTA and the SPP?

  3. Does anyone know about the “ports to prairies” supercorrider planned for Colorado? A developer has proposed a “Super Slab” running from Pueblo to Wellington (just north of Ft. Collins) that will carry motor vehicle and railroad traffic and “necessary facilities.” It would be a toll road funded by unknown private developers, who would receive the toll income, of course, and is named the Prairie Falcon Express Parkway. Offers are being made to home and land owners within three miles of the proposed parkway.

    The plan is meeting stiff opposition from residents in the proposed path of the superhighway, who are concerned about the use of eminent domain by the state for the benefit of private interests. I suspect that the vast majority of Coloradans are not even aware of the NAFTA superhighway and its probable effects, to say nothing of a Colorado supercorridor. Colorado.

    In addition, a very brief December, 2006 Denver Post article stated that a superport is slated for construction this year in Aurora, a suburb east of Denver.

    Is it just me, or does all of this sound familiar??? The only coverage on this project is on the eminent domain issue, but I’m wondering if the superhighway will be part of this “Port to Prairies” corridor and so far have not found information on this question. Incidentally, Congress has already approved the designation of over 80 “supercorridors” for development throughout the U.S.

  4. THEY all suck. THEY use Liberal, Conservative, Red States vs. Blue States to make them simply ALL GAME PLAYERS . . . not so! Something seriously wrong with spending 100 mill. & more on $80,000 a year yob!

    The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s own money!

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