Sit-in for SWC

It’s an Action Day today and Vancouver women have done it up right, occupying the Status of Women Canada Office there.

Women Reclaim Their Rights 

For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Sit-in at BC/Yukon Status of Women Canada Vancouver Office

Vancouver - Women in Vancouver are currently occupying the BC/Yukon Status
of Women Canada (SWC).  On the heels of a successful rally against federal
cuts to equality rights, earlier today, 15-20 women are demanding that the
Harper conservative government:

.   reinstate the $5 million which as been slashed from Status of Women
Canada budget
.   withdraw the decision to close 12 of the 16 Status of Women Canada
regional offices 
.   return "equality" to the Women's Program mandate while ensuring that
research, lobbying, and advocacy are eligible for funding
.   reinstate the Court Challenges Program so that equality rights test
cases are accessible
.   adopt proactive pay equity legislation
.   implement the promise of a nation-wide accessible childcare program
.   insist that Canada honours and fulfills its CEDAW obligations

SWC National has been notified of the sit-in and the Vancouver office awaits
a response.

The women resisting the cuts and closures, who are occupying the office,
encourage women to engage in similar sit-ins at other SWC office across
Canada.  These women also welcome others to join them at the sit-in to
'reclaim women's rights' which have been attacked.


Media Contacts:

Fatima Jaffer: 604-838-3599
Benita Bunjun: 778-558-6504

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