Dr. Helen Caldicott in Saskatchewan

The push for nukes is huge right now.  There seems to be no regard, though, for the effects of Depleted Uranium.  It is good that Caldicott will be in Saskatchewan this spring.


Reason and Nuclear Power – Dr. Helen Caldicott


Saskatchewan is home to one of the largest deposits of uranium ore in the world.  Despite industry and government claims, nuclear power is not “clean and green.”   As Dr. Helen Caldicott shows in her new book, Nuclear Power is not the Answer, large amounts of fossil fuels are required to mine and refine the uranium needed, to construct the concrete reactor buildings and transport and store the highly toxic waste.   The mill tailings that remain from the extraction of uranium emit radioactive elements to the air and water.  Adequate remediation (safe treatment of the tailings), if carried out by governments and the industry, would make the energy price of nuclear electricity unreasonable. (Dr. Helen Caldicott).


Widely regarded as one of the great public speakers of the era, Dr. Helen Caldicott (paediatrician) has demonstrated a consistent ability to galvanize people from all walks of life to believe in their own capacity to bring about positive change.   She is the single most articulate and passionate advocate of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises.

  • Co-founded Physicians for Social Responsibility (organization awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1985)
  • Founded Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Linus Pauling, a Nobel Laureate
  • The Smithsonian Institute has named Dr. Caldicott as one of the most influential women of the 20 th Century.

Helen Caldicott in Saskatchewan

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
7 pm
Education Auditorium
University of Regina
Book signing to follow
Event and parking are free
For more information:
Phone: (306) 585-4117
Email: hcvisit@gmail.com


Helen Caldicott in Saskatoon:
7:30 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Third Avenue United Church
304 3rd Avenue North
(3rd Ave & 24th Street)
Event is free; donations accepted
For more information contact cleangreensask@yahoo.ca

Thursday, March 8, 2007Dr. Caldicott will participate in grand rounds at the University of Saskatchewan

The proceedings will be broadcast to several teaching hospitals throughout the province.


7 thoughts on “Dr. Helen Caldicott in Saskatchewan

  1. Society needs people with extremal view points for proper balance (do not go this way, but be aware). But Dr. Caldicott’s texts are full of half lies and truths, that makes it very painful to read by a professional. The only full truth is in your introduction letter which says about her ability to galvanize people.

    Galvanization… means affecting by a shock of electricity…. Its claims to health benefits have largerly been disproven…(Wikipedia.

  2. Sergei, are you paid to make these attempts to invalidate what Caldicott says?

    What she says, she says as a Doctor of Pediatric Medicine. Her arguments against the nuclear industry — the cancer-making industry — are based on medical evidence.

    And without public opinion galvanized around the “nuke is green” lies the nuclear industry would be unable to further propagate itself. Thus, your comment.

  3. Searching for any serious technical discussions about the harmful effects of nuclear waste involving Dr. Caldicott results in many nuclear scientists refuting her claims and statistics. It is good to see someone generating awareness on this subject though; if I hadn’t become aware of her I never would have went searching for an alternative point of view. At least she is allowing people to form their own opinion, as long as you don’t let her force hers on you.

  4. Sergei has a patronizing way of dealing with Dr. Caldicott’s passion and conviction. If Dr. Caldicott’s texts are full of half lies and truths they stand up very well to the literature paid for and promoted by the nuclear industry. This issue involves our legacy to future generations and if I have to choose between Dr. Caldicott’s cautions and the nuclear industry’s reassurances I think it is well-advised to choose the former. I am sorry that reading Caldicott’s texts causes Sergei pain, but his pain pales with that of the survivors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island (yes, I include livestock and wild creatures), veterans of the Gulf War, and others who suffer the effects of radiation sickness.

    Ryan, I suggest that you not only search on the web for the refutations Dr. Caldicott by nuclear scientists who are funded and/or employed by the industry she is opposing, but that you also read her books and what has been written in her support by people such as Linus Pauling, Carl Sagan and many others. Frankly, we are all far too addicted to the wealth we are robbing from future generations’ health for Dr. Caldicott to force her views on any of us. It is not Helen Caldicott who is funding the Saskatoon Symphony, the RUH Building Campaign, the Meewasin Valley Authority, nuclear power Is green education programs for school children (the list is endless) in the hope that we won’t be repulsed by the name CAMECO. Exactly who is trying to shape opinion? Which company put pressure on RUH (as a major contributor) to prevent Dr. Caldicott from meeting her peers in the hospital this week? There is evil in the world and it comes in the shape of GREED at the expense of future generations.

  5. “What she says, she says as a Doctor of Pediatric Medicine.”

    Yes, she’s a trained physician – but what qualifications does she have regarding nuclear physics, health physics, or nuclear engineering? None!

    Caldicott says so many things that simply aren’t true, and are completely falsifiable in terms of basic science, physics, and reason.

    “I suggest that you not only search on the web for the refutations Dr. Caldicott by nuclear scientists who are funded and/or employed by the industry she is opposing, but that you also read her books and what has been written in her support by people such as Linus Pauling, Carl Sagan and many others.”

    There are many, many people out there – many of us with serious qualifications in physics and other relevant fields – who have absolutely no ties to any kind of “nuclear industry” – we just know, based on the scientific method, and a bit of knowledge about nuclear science and technology, that Caldicott is absolutely full of nonsense.

    That said – Caldicott has done a lot of extremely good work, and says a lot of extremely good things, things that I wholeheartedly agree with. I would like to see nuclear weapons eliminated from the world, too.

    But everything that she says about nuclear energy and civilian nuclear science and technology is, basically, completely at odds with the facts of science and engineering.

    Carl Sagan, as you mentioned, was a strong advocate of nuclear disarmament – and he had a lot of common ground with Caldicott on this issue. But nearly everybody agrees with such views! Sagan wouldn’t tolerate any psuedoscientific bullshit from anybody – and if he was with us today I have no doubt at all that he would completely refute Caldicott’s pseudoscientific treatment of nuclear energy and peaceful nuclear technology.

  6. I attended Caldicott’s lecture in Saskatoon a couple years ago and was appalled. She frequently blurred the issue of nuclear armament with that of power production, provided absolutely no references for any of her scientific claims and actually compared the “complicity” of Saskatchewan residents in uranium mining and nuclear power production with that of German citizens under the Third Reich watching the trains headed towards Aushwitz. Best of all, she refused to take any questions from the audience, stating that it would ruin the “mood”!

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