What women want

The Guardian lists a few things women want in order to improve their lives.  Most of these are what Canadian women have been demanding.  Note #9 regarding wages.

  1. Raise child benefit for second and subsequent children

  2. More NHS funded talking therapy

  3. Flexible working for everyone

  4. Pensions equality

  5. Better contraception

  6. Send fewer women to prison

  7. Transport

  8. End two-doctor rule on abortion

  9. Equal pay/raise minimum wage to living wage

  10. More public toilets

I would add a publicly funded national childcare plan to the list.


4 thoughts on “What women want

  1. I agree with Adrian on point 6. Otherwise that statement sounds absurd; if women want fewer women in jail they should commit fewer crimes. That is how it would apply to anyone else so let’s make it equal. Flexible working is only feasible to a point, there should be equal pay for equal work including equal pension, and if by transport you mean more public transportation then great. The rest I won’t really comment on though, to be honest, who wants to use a public toilet in the first place?

  2. Rats! I’m having a bad day and I clicked the submit button too soon so I’m starting again and trusting you will delete my first attempt.

    (1) What does this refer to in the Canadian context?

    If this is a reference to family allowance payments then I do not believe family allowance should exist. Any benefit the government gives back to a portion of us reflects an over-taxation in the initial instance. Paying people to breed in an world over populated with humans who are consuming resources at break neck speed is IMO ridiculous.

    Also when it comes to taxable deduction from income tax then I do not believe that we should increase deductions to a level of more than 2 dependent children (population replacement not population expansion is where I’m coming from.)

    (2) Provided that this is accompanied by means testing to establish qualifying for “talking therapies” I might support it.

    (3) What’s this crap about “right” to ask for and expect to be granted flexible working hours?

    Any one can ask an employer for a change in hours at any time but the expectation that it will be delivered is unrealistic in some cases. I would not tolerate for a single moment anyone on my staff expecting that they could picky-choosy their hours or share them with someone else that I do not want on my staff. Ask to change your hours if you will but I’m up-front the jobs I offer come with particular hours, take them or leave them.

    I have other rules too. You cannot use my telephone or email for personal communications. Carry your cell phone if you wish to receive emergency calls. But do note that if you carry a cell phone and answer it during the hours that I’m paying you to work, you will either make up the time or I will deduct it. Lastly, this is a place of work and your friends, family and pets are not welcome to drop-in here nor can your children be here playing while you work.

    (4) agreed

    (5) Better contraception – we have the best in the world and it’s up to us to use it. I’m sick of women crying the blues about being solely responsible for it. Grab a brain – the man doesn’t have a womb so education aside it’s inevitable that women are ultimately responsible for their own contraception.

    (6) *lol*

    (7) no comment

    (8) agreed

    (9) agreed

    (10) not an issue for me

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