Harper’s Admission of Failure?

It seems our dear PMS is having a little trouble with the environmental portfolio. Perhaps it’s because he chose the daughter of a big oil and big ass gas fellow to lead on it and Ambrose has certainly been doing what it takes to make nothing happen. The outrage from Canadians and the international community has been harsh.

Now, it seems, PMS is ready to hear from Canadians on the matter. Perhaps PMS finally sees that the environment is important. More likely, he sees that it is necessary to appear to see it as important in order to win the next election.  From The Globe & Mail:

The move by the Conservatives occurs as the PMO is leading efforts to rebrand the party’s environmental credentials, leaving Ms. Ambrose in limbo over her political future.

It also comes on the heels of comments from former prime minister Brian Mulroney that environmental issues might be a key to capturing the next federal election.

He said if the Stephen Harper government doesn’t move faster, other parties are waiting to claim the environment as their issue. Mr. Dion, the new leader of the Liberal Party, has vowed to make the environment his central campaign issue in the next election.

In year-end interviews, the Prime Minister said he agreed with Mr. Mulroney’s comments.

Oh, where is that vomit smiley when I need it?!?

Thanks to The Jurist for the lead.


5 thoughts on “Harper’s Admission of Failure?

  1. You know your right; Ambose is a terrible Environment Minister. In one year she’s done nothing about CO2 gas emissions. After all, she did win the “Fossil of the year award.”

    Oh! Wait a minute, didn’t our last environment Minster also win the “Fossil of the year award.”

    BTW, who was our last environment minister? Oh yea, some guy called Dion.

    Isn’t he the guy the media is calling a great friend of the environmental movement and our next PM?

    And wasn’t he part of the last government which won the “Fossil of the year award.” 5 times in 13 years and watch CO2 emmisions increase by over 40%?

    Is it just me or all these complaints about Ambrose from the media, liberals and environmentalist more then a little hypocritical?

    Yes, it is hypocritical.


  2. Oh, do you mean the same portfolio the Liberals fumbled for 13 years? How convenient of the left-wingers to blame the Conservatives for Liberal ineptness.
    Face it, Kyoto is a joke and this government has the fortitude to admit it. Get a clue.

  3. Oh, lookit this! Cons supporting each other at P’n’P! Who’da thunk it?

    The research was available long enough ago that Mulroney could have acted a lot more strongly than he chose to, too, so be careful how far back you cast those stones.

    And, if the environment meant more to the Cons than the possibility of that ever-elusive majority government, then they would have taken the year they’ve already had to address the portfolio instead of doing sweet F. A. What? Should bow down and worship PMS for being just like the LiEbrals and the psuedo-Progressive Conservatives before them?

    As for your obvious ineptitude around the Kyoto Protocol, GetReal, I suggest, again, that you get real. We know, and I have already blogged, the energy industry’s complicity in the scam to deny that climate change is real. It is, in fact, common knowledge. You exemplify the type of troglodyte that populates the New Government of Canada when you continue to deny its existance.

  4. I’ll bet the oil companies are the cause of this also.

    “Climate shift helped destroy China’s Tang dynasty: scientists

    The Tang dynasty, seen by many historians as a glittering peak in China’s history, was brought to its knees by shifts in the monsoon cycle, according to a study.
    Famed for a flowering of art and literature and for prosperity brought by trade with India and the Middle East, the dynasty spanned nearly three centuries, from AD 618 to 907, before it was overwhelmed by revolt.

    Scientists led by Gerald Haug of the Geoforschungszentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam, eastern Germany, looked at sedimentary cores taken from a lake at Zhanjiang in coastal southeastern China, opposite the tropical island of Hainan. ”

    You can read the rest at


    What this, there is proof of climate change before man was burning fossil fuels?

    This can’t be true, everyone know that the oil companies are guilty. After all government paid scientist say so! if government paid scientist say so then it must be true!

    Isn’t it?

    After all government paid scientist wouldn’t lie and exaggerate so they can keep the billions of dollars wasted on climate change coming their way, would they?

    Climate change has been around this planet long before mankind existed on Earth and it will still be around long after mankind is gone.


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