Present to U of R: President Resigns

The President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Regina today delivered a fine gift to students and staff. Dr. Robert E. Hawkins resigned! Faculty and students at the U of R had been mumbling for several months about the severe right turn the Administration had taken since Hawkins arrival. The rumour mill was ripe with talk of no research money, no way meaning that unless a program was revenue-generating, then it was on the chopping block. That might be good news for Admin and Engineering, but in a liberal arts institution, well, it’s ludicrous!

Release: December 21, 2006
Contact: Stephen King, External Relations
: (306) 585.5632
Mobile: (306) 536.4312
: (306) 585.4997

Leadership change at the University of Regina
Dr. Robert E. Hawkins today announced that he has resigned from the position of president and vice-chancellor of the University of Regina effective immediately.

Hawkins said, “In view of differences of opinion on management philosophy and other issues, I have decided to resign as president of the University. I remain a professor at the University and look forward to serving the University and its students in that capacity in the future.”

“The Board of Governors appreciates the keen interest that Dr. Hawkins has shown in his emphasis on providing a quality student experience and his drive to develop programs that will appeal to the students we need to recruit,” said chair of the University’s Board of Governors, Mo Bundon. “We need to be onside with each other, and we have agreed that a change is an appropriate move.”

Appropriate, indeed. Teaching staff at the U of R are among the lowest paid in the country. And Hawkins’ plans didn’t seem to do much about it. Now, with his hasty departure back to teaching, I suspect that more than a few faculty, staff, and students at the U of R will share celebratory drinks this holiday season.


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