CWB: Response from MP

I emailed my MP, Dave Batters, regarding my concerns about democracy for farmers within the Canadian Wheat Board — this was before Minister Strahl fired the CEO, Adrian Measner.  The arrogance of these men and women irks me to no end!  They act as if they have formed a majority government, with no respect for democracy or democratic processes.  They’re fascists!

What follows is the response I received from Batters:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding the Canadian Wheat Board.  

As you are aware, on January 23, 2006, Canadians voted for change.  The
Conservative Party campaigned on the promise of marketing choice for
western Canadian wheat and barley producers.  The Honourable Chuck
Strahl, Minister of Agriculture, has released the findings and
recommendations of a Task Force on implementing marketing choice.

The Task Force recommends a four-stage transition from a Canadian Wheat
Board (CWB) with monopoly powers, to a marketing choice environment
which includes: 
*	preparing for change;
*	forming the new CWB;
*	launching the new CWB with transition measures; and
*	post transition.

The Task Force concluded that a new CWB, owned by farmers, could thrive
and create value without monopoly selling powers.  Please be assured
that our government is carefully examining the Task Force's findings and
is listening to what western Canadian grain farmers have to say about
the ideas put forward in the report.

Our Conservative government is committed to delivering a plan which
offers Western farmers marketing choice and a strong, viable, and
voluntary farmer-owned Canadian Wheat Board that works for everyone.

Minister Strahl has announced the federal government's intention to hold
a plebiscite in the New Year on the issue of marketing choice for
western Canadian barley producers.  This plebiscite demonstrates that we
are listening to the opinions of farmers on this important issue.

Western Canadian wheat and barley farmers produce a world-class product
and our Conservative government sees a bright future for producers with
a voluntary Wheat Board.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue with me.  As your
Member of Parliament, it is important for me to hear the views of my


Dave Batters
Member of Parliament - Palliser 
Moose Jaw:   (306) 691-3577       Toll-free:  1-866-691-3577
Regina:         (306) 790-4646       e-mail: 
Ottawa:        (613) 992-9115

3 thoughts on “CWB: Response from MP

  1. Did you see Mark Wartman’s letter in yesterday’s Leader-Post?

    He quite effectively refutes the findings of Strahl’s stacked Task Force about the prospects for a ‘voluntary’ CWB.

    “Why is it that Strahl does not recognize the myth of a voluntary dual market?

    – A dual market would leave the CWB relying on its competitors to gather grain in the country and load it on ships at port. Could the CWB rely on its competitors?

    – A careful reading of the recent studies funded by Alberta — which wants to get rid of the single-desk — indicate a CWB with no grain elevators and port terminals would have little chance of success.

    – A recent study by Gray and Fulton of the University of Saskatchewan also concludes the CWB will not survive in a dual market.

    – Even Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada studies state the CWB will not survive in a dual market. The Oct. 17, 1996 Western Producer reports the results of an internal background Agriculture Canada study which states “it is not accurate to assume the Canadian Wheat Board could just carry on unaffected — for those who want to use it voluntarily from time to time. The board would be profoundly affected. It would be diminished.”

    I have asked the federal government to release any analysis and studies it might have which could show that dual marketing is a benefit to Western grain farmers. They have not released any studies. Now we know why!”

    When I lived in Ontario, I ran into the same ideological streak among the Harris Tories, who threatened to privatize the LCBO even though it delivered good service, paid its workers decently and contributed hundreds of millions to the provincial coffers year after year: just like Strahl and the rest, though, the Harris crew were interested in facts; they just wanted to implement their ideological plans, come what may.

    Fortunately, Harris eventually backed off: I hope we can stop Harper and the rest before they do some permanent damage on this file.

  2. These are the same players who attended the secret meetings in Banff September 12-14, 2006 to plan the integration of Canada, Mexico and the United States: the North American Union (NAU).
    There is no mystery to why Harper and Strahl are taking out the CWB: the States couldn’t do it legally.
    Today, I read some news where Trade Minister David Emerson admitted more than Harper will likely approve of about Canada’s current gutting of our supply-side mechanisms.
    If David Emerson is having second thoughts it is worth taking into account. Emerson did say he became a Con for the best/betterment of Canadian interests. So on this he gets the benefit of the doubt from me. Maybe he’s sounding the warning bell for investors, maybe he’s sounding the bell for Canada. Time will tell.
    What is very disturbing on this issue is the zeal and efficiency that effected this overtaking of a democratic and elected Head/CEO of a Canadian economic institution.
    There will be tractors in the streets, on Parliament Hill, clogging up the freeways. No government or company is going to bulldoze farmers with tractors whose votes have been stolen or cast aside.
    The mere fact that David Emerson (he who cast away the votes of all his constituents who wanted to elect a liberal mp) has intimated that this supply-side move may contain fundamental negative changes in Canadian economic policy is a warning flag waving madly.

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