Renewable Energy in SK

One of the the brightest and greenest Members of the Legislative Assembly in the SK NDP, Peter Prebble, has released (in PDF) The First Report on Renewable Energy Development and Conservation. The highlights the Premier wants us to see are outlined in the news release and below

• A legislated Renewable Energy and Conservation Portfolio Standard for the
electricity sector;

• Major investments in conservation initiatives, including an expanded
EnergyShare conservation program;

• An important role for large scale wind power;

• Net metering for small scale producers of green electricity;

• The promotion of higher building energy efficiency standards; and

• An expanded role for the Office of Energy Conservation.

So far as I can tell — I’ve not yet read the complete report — it’s not as ambitious as it needs to be if we are to address the very real issue of climate change in what’s left of my lifetime. I hope the second report, due out in June (in time for an election campaign, perhaps?), will focus on transportation, ethanol and bio-diesel production, as well as opportunities in the north. I hope it will be a tad more aggressive.


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