Book Tag

Skdadl’s playing this, so I joined in.

First, the rules of the game

The instructions:
Find the nearest book.
Turn to page 123.
Go to the fifth sentence on the page.
Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
Name the book and the author, and tag three more folks.

— Tu es un papillon, vole jusqu’à elle.

— Mais ceci n’est qu’un rêve!

— Ne sous-estime jamais le pouvoir d’un rêve.

From what must be one of my kidling’s books, Amelia et les papillons by Martine Noel-Maw, which was sitting immediately to the left of the monitor.

I’m tagging Rhett (so he won’t cry like a baby again) and Book Ninja (pretty obvious choice) and the centre of the universe (aka the Book Chick) and anyone else who feels like playing.

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