One must wonder if Minister Responsible for the Environment, Rona Ambrose, is a compulsive liar. Or, is it that she’s being set up to take the fall when it will be politically necessary for someone to fall? Because someone is going to have to fall if the Cons are to gain any credibility on the Environment portfolio. Conservation groups are suing the Minister because flocks of species at risk, the piping plover in Saskatchewan and Alberta, are not getting the protection provided for in legislation. And, with the NDP, the Bloc, and the Greens already strong in green politics, and the green Dion now leading the Liberals, the environment could well be the deciding issue for the electorate come the next election. From The Globe & Mail:

Ambrose feels the heat as blunders pile up

Critics heap scorn on rookie minister leading sensitive climate-change file

From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

OTTAWA — She catapulted straight into a prominent cabinet spot over more experienced Albertans like Diane Ablonczy and she’s graced magazine covers as the fresh face of the new Harper government.

But 10 months into the job, Rona Ambrose finds critics are seizing on the number of mistakes the rookie Environment Minister continues to make as the lead minister on the climate-change file.

“I’m astonished that once again Madame Ambrose has come before the environment committee contradicting herself, saying things that are blatantly untrue. And the question is does she know they’re untrue as she said them? ” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who was in the audience yesterday as the minister got another rough ride from opposition MPs.

Ms. Ambrose was scorned by MPs for insisting repeatedly that Canada had no unpaid debts to the international Kyoto system, even though MPs said United Nations documents show that — at $1.5-million — Canada owes more than any other country.


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