NDP Colonialism in Northern SK

More taxpayer money will oh-so discreetly subsidize the wealthy resource industries — especially uranium mining companies — in our North.  It will also mean the narrow development of a labour force or labour force training imposed on desperate northern communities thereby limiting opportunities for northerners.

This NDP government seems to be creating its own slave labour force to work in uranium mining.

The government needs a complete and total re-adjustment.  It is so far removed from the grassroots of the province’s people.  Were none of them at the peace conference last month?  This initiative might sound good in news bites and campaign literature, but scratch the surface and you will see it as another nail in the coffin of the SK NDP.  Only fools increase investments in oil and gas and uranium mining when the environment is one of the biggest issues of the day!

It’ll be sad to live through the death of another NDP government in SK but I guess nothing was learned in the defeat to Devine’s Tories back in the day…


News Release

November 22, 2006

Advanced Education and Employment – 841


As part of the Province's $52.6 million training announcement, another 650
citizens in northern Saskatchewan will have an opportunity to receive the
training they need.

In total, 2,584 new opportunities have been created in Saskatchewan.

"The Government of Saskatchewan is delivering on its promise to expand
training opportunities to meet the demands of our province's vibrant and
growing industries and businesses," Premier Lorne Calvert said. "These
opportunities provide young people in every corner of the province with an
even brighter future – and more opportunities to learn, grow and prosper right
here at home."

The total training investment in northern Saskatchewan is $4.5 million and
will provide for training opportunities in the following programs this year
(with 10-20 training opportunities per program):

• Basic Education: 12 programs in various locations including Pelican Narrows,
Deschambault, Sandy Bay, Turnor Lake, Jans Bay/Cole Bay, Stony Rapids,
Weyakwin, Grandmothers Bay and Hall Lake;

• Academic Prep – Practical Nursing: 1 program in Pelican Narrows;

• Trades Preparation: 1 program in La Loche;

• Truck Driver Training: 3 programs in Creighton, Buffalo Narrows and La

• Heavy Equipment Operator: 4 to 6 programs in Pinehouse, Southend and at
least one in each of the Western, Eastern, Central and Athabasca regions;

• Diamond Drill Helper: 5 programs in Northern bush camp (location dependent
on industry);

• Diamond Drill/Oil Field Safety: 9 programs in various locations in the
Athabasca, Central and Eastern regions;

• Oil Field Safety: 3 programs in La Loche and Canoe Lake;

• Mineral Exploration: 3 programs in northern mine sites;

• Underground Mining: 1 program in McArthur River; and

• Slasher Certification: 4 programs in La Loche and Dillon, other locations to
be determined.

"By providing 650 training opportunities in the Northern region, including
trades, health care and adult basic education, we're creating the
opportunities our young people need where they need them," Advanced Education
and Employment Minister Pat Atkinson said. "We're drawing a direct path
between the learner and the job, and creating the training opportunities
necessary to bring the two together."

"Northlands College works closely with business, labour and government in
helping build the economy of northern Saskatchewan," Northlands College CEO
Bill McLaughlin said. "The northern economy continues to grow and with that
growth comes an increase in employment opportunities and an ever-increasing
need for a larger skilled labour force. This new investment will contribute
directly to the development of a skilled northern labour force to address
current and emerging demand.

The $52.6 million total represents the greatest investment in training in the
Province's history.


For More Information, Contact:
Christopher Jones-Bonk Advanced Education and Employment Regina Phone: 306-798-3106 Bill McLaughlin Northlands College Air Ronge Phone: 306-425-4273

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