Letting go of prejudice

I have to admit to a long-held prejudice against Catholic women.  But some in my women’s singing circle, including a nun and a couple of Catholic Women’s Leaguers, as well as these women are challenging me to let go of that outdated idea.

The Dominican sisters, Ardeth Platte, 70, Carol Gilbert, 59, and Jackie Hudson, 72, had come to town in yet another attempt to fulfill the gnarliest part of the sentences imposed on them by U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn when they were convicted of damaging government property and obstructing the national defense in 2003.

They are trying to pay off $3,082 in restitution to the U.S. Air Force – in canned goods.

They are collecting food for military families on public assistance.

Hudson brought pork and beans to represent the pork-barrel nature of the military-industrial complex, and a can of corn “because this case has been so corny from the beginning.”

Platte delivered canned clams – saying the American people have “clammed up long enough. It’s time to speak truth to power” – and a tin of beef stew. “With the massive numbers of people who have been killed in this war, I don’t want to stew over this any longer.”

Gilbert selected sweet peas – “To give peas a chance” – and cream of mushroom soup, representing the radiation cloud from a nuclear bomb, a weapon that has been used by only one country in the world, she said – the U.S.

“This is a grace-filled holy action,” said Gilbert. “Our conscience doesn’t allow us to participate in war by providing any money for bombs or violence.”

Holy actions indeed! Like I said, enough to make one reassess one’s prejudices.

Thanks to Sheroes for the lead.


One thought on “Letting go of prejudice

  1. Catholics are a weird bunch, but I would say they are wise–even if I don’t agree with them. The Catholic church has done more than it’s share of terrible things, but it has done many great things as well. The history, philosophy and theology of the church is amazing–in a good and bad way.

    They know what they believe and why they believe it and that is something rarely said about, say, evangelicals.

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