Take back the tech!

From Womyns Voices | Paroles de Femmes

Take Back The Tech: 16 Days of Online Activism

“Take Back The Tech!” – an online campaign for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence.

*What is the campaign about?*
It is simply a call for every person– women and men, who uses online
communications (ICTs), e.g. for chatting, emailing, blogging, doing
websites or developing tools, to use ICTs for activism against VAW
(violence against women) for 16 days.

Primarily, we are asking women and grrls to “Take Back The Tech!” But
you don’t have to be female to disagree with violence faced by women
and be part of the campaign to transform gender relations. Unequal
power relations lie at the heart of VAW, and this is apparent from the
streets to online spaces. So we’re now saying technology should be
used for equality, not to perpetuate violence.

The question is, how? This is where you come in with what you know and
come up with answers.

*What can you do?*
Right now, we are building the site for this campaign to happen. A
working space has been created to list out the different things that
are needed, and you will definitely be able to inject stuff you know
into it. Some examples are:

. Writing “How To” guides, like how to clear your cache, how to make
sure your email communications are secure etc.
. Submit online tools and applications that you came across that might
be handy on this issue
. Share your story, or something you know happened. E.g. someone who
had been cyber-stalked and what she did, the number of unwanted porn
spam you get everyday, or a brilliant and creative initiative that
works to end VAW online, etc.
. Translate resources and article into your local language.
. Create icons, images and graphics
. Suggest ideas on what can be done for the 16 Days. e.g. change your
IM status message for 16 days, or email signature, or googlebombing.
. Think of people or organisations that you know who would like to
take up this campaign on their website etc
. Offline things that could happen (uhm. stencil revolution ;))
. Anything else you think is missing!

*What Next?*
Just go to the working space and register as a user. Then check out
the different sections and what is needed for that. Put in what you
know, your ideas and your thoughts!

1. Go to: http://www.takebackthetech.net/wiki/tiki-index.php
2. Click on “register” (right hand bar, under “Login”
3. Fill in your information, then click on “register”.
4. Check your email, and click on the link.
5. You are now registered and can submit content on any of the sections!
6. Tell someone you know that might be keen to take this on, and have
knowledge, ideas and information that they would like to share.

All the stuff here will be part of the building block for the campaign
site, which together, we’ll get to as many ICTs users as we know to
“Take Back The Tech!” for 16 Days šŸ™‚


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