It really is like something out of Orwell’s 1984! Get a load of this, from the Toronto Star

A memo from deep within the bureaucracy of the federal industry department shows that “innovation” and all its related forms may have joined other banned words, such as “equality,” in the language-sensitive Conservative government.

In an update on a communications plan to be rolled out next month at the department, people involved with the effort are told of editing changes ordered by a director-general with the department: “We were required to delete or replace all the words `innovation,’ `innovate,’ `innovative,’ in the text,” the memo states.

The document in question revolves around the industry department’s approach to sustainable development — part of the wider, environmental issue that is proving so politically problematic for the Conservatives.

And we already know that sustainable isn’t in the Cons vocab, don’t we? That last link didn’t open, did it? Try the cached google page.

Gotta wonder if this page and this page and this page will disappear. And what will happen to this page and this page and this page and this one?
Thanks to The Jurist for the lead.


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