The Belinda Bandwagon

Just what is it with these privileged white men jumping on the Bash Belinda Bandwagon? John Murney’s Blog has Ralph Klein’s contribution. It certainly isn’t about her crossing the floor; Klein’s a floor-crosser himself.

So what, then, is it? Why do these men have need to reduce Belinda Stronach, a high profile independent woman, to nothing more than her sexual life? Is it the old double standard? Are women held to a different standard than men when it comes to sexual relations? Y’know, the men sew their seed, women are whores kind of thing? That probably accounts for part of it.  The public and repeated abuse Belinda takes is a sure sign that sexism thrives in Canadian politics.

And now I’ve learned that Rona Ambrose is also being reduced, not to her sexual activity, but to her hair. This is also unacceptable! Yes, Rona is very wrong on the Clean Air Act and she is performing poorly badly horribly really fucking awfully at the job of Minister for the Environment. And yes, her hair does look great. But she is more than her hair, just as Belinda is more than her sexual activity.

Reductionism is so very-very old. It was used on the Suffragettes. It’s been used on women time and time again. And it’s time for a change. How about criticizing women on their ideas? And how about displaying some respect?

But I digress.

Back to the point of the matter: the public and repeated abuse of women who are elected officials is a sure sign that sexism is alive and well in Canadian politics. And it surely contributes to the low numbers of women running for office in this country. I think the white privileged men issuing the attacks are part of an Old Boys Plan to keep the number of women in politics down. I say so because according to Dr. Helen Caldicott

The magic number is 30 percent [according to a U.N. report]. Below 30 percent representation [in government], women tend to please the men and vote for missiles. Above 30 percent, they say, “No, you’re not getting your missiles — we’re voting for milk for children.” So women need to support each other in order to do what they know is correct behavior, and express their nurturing instincts. It’s got nothing to do with politics.

And she’s right. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with womanhood. When women are together in meaningful numbers, we effect change for the benefit of women and their families. (Think Norway. Think Iceland.)
It’s pretty obvious on many levels that Klein, Spector, and MacKay — to name just three — don’t want that.

‘Nuff said.


One thought on “The Belinda Bandwagon

  1. When it was reported that Belinda was the ‘other women’ in an affair with Domi, that broke up a marriage and a family, Belinda lost the respect of WOMEN !
    Monica sunk Clinton, Domi sunk Belinda.
    There was no difference in bad jokes for each.

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