Where is she?

Take one step at a time toward sanity and back track to where the gender balance went awry and begin to ask the question: “Where is the feminine perspective in the major decision-making processes for global health and sustainability, and why is she so silent?

– Jane Evershed


One thought on “Where is she?

  1. And where is Rona? It is the opening day of the international delegation of the U.N. on The Great Warming (thank you Keanu and Alanis)in Kenya. But Rona wasn’t there. Instead she sent a ‘video’.

    [Quote]Environment Minister Rona Ambrose of Canada, the outgoing president of the talks, sent a video message saying “all nations need to work together” to address warming.[/Quote]
    http://preview.tinyurl.com/yfg367 (Washington Post)
    Outgoing? When your the Chair of the Kyoto Process and your a no-show that is a snub. She’s an embarrassment to me and to the women of Canada who are more than aware Kenya is one of the worst affected areas of drought in the world, where millions of women and children suffer daily.

    Outgoing? She didn’t even show up at her own Town Hall Meeting arranged in south Surrey, where you should know, coffee was served in STYROFOAM CUPS! Wisely the constituents that did show up refused to drink from them. I am insulted by her complete lack of knowledge in the most rudimentary value of the 3 R’s. Hello? No one has used styrofoam in 15 years at least.

    The current minister of pollution doesn’t deserve this cabinet post. Her outgoing silence needs to be shown the door. And her boss Stevie has snubbed the EU. Why? Because environment was on the agenda. These people have no shame, let alone good manners. What’s even more bizarre is that none of this is random, it is actually carefully planned. The most urgent issue of our lifetimes is in their hands. This is a crucial time in our history, a time when the feminine perspective is most needed and yet our voice has been silenced by this sexist, non-respectful patriarchal government. Even the women among us who do not self-identify as feminist must be deeply, deeply ashamed. The time has come to demand our voices be heard.
    We know from research that women’s voices only begin to be heard when they make up 30 per cent of the group. In fact, women need to comprise 40 per cent of the group before their perspectives and experiences are fully incorporated into decision-making and planning. At 20 per cent, women remain tokens. How can we reach this critical mass?

    The women I know don’t fit into the existing male model of power sharing. They do not want to perpetuate the thinking and behaviors that say emotion and intense feeling don’t belong in decision making, when in fact this is the time to rethink and re-evaluate what kind of leadership is needed for our country to move ahead and become truly progressive. When our reality is denied, it is a human rights issue. Androcentrism in the political framework must end!

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