The War on Women

Canada is not alone in picking on women; it’s a worldwide phenomenon. The Secretary-General’s Indepth Study of Violence Against Women, a report released by the United Nations on October 7, compiles many studies from around the world. The first point of the 139-page document:

Violence against women persists in every country in the world as a pervasive violation of human rights and a major impediment to achieving gender equality. Such violence is unacceptable, whether perpetrated by the State and its agents or by family members or strangers, in the public or private sphere, in peacetime or in times of conflict. The Secretary-General has stated that as long as violence against women continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace.

In Punished for Being Female, War on Women, posted at Tennessee Guerilla Women, Bob Herbert says,

Bride burnings, honor killings, female infanticide, sex trafficking, mass rape as a weapon of war and many other hideous forms of violence against women are documented in a report released last month by the United Nations.

The report, a compilation of many studies from around the world, should have been seen as the latest dispatch from that permanent world war — the war against women all over the planet. Instead, the news media greeted its shocking contents with a collective yawn.

Not only are we not doing enough to counter this wholesale destruction of the lives of so many women and girls, we’re not even paying close attention. There are women’s movements in even the smallest countries fighting against the violence and other forms of abuse. But they are underfunded and get very little support from those in a position to help. (Even in Afghanistan under the Taliban there were women who ran underground schools, and girls who risked their lives to go to them.)

There was a time when activists cried out for our consciousness to be raised. It’s not too late. We can start by recognizing that the systematic subordination and brutalization of women and girls around the world is, in fact, occurring — and that we need to do something about it.

I know women are doing a lot and are seeing their funding pulled. So, boys, maybe it’s time for you get off your asses and do something, too.

One thought on “The War on Women

  1. Even in the US, men get away with ‘murder’. I’m talking about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect. I’ve been a victim of both and “tattle-told” but nobody did anything. They would say: a girl like you should handle this fine. How sad…I was devastated to find no support but recently, I finally did. I can’t stand the thought of women and children being abused by their Spouse or Father (or Mother for that matter) and when I grow up ;)I’m going to attempt to help as much as I can. Right now, I don’t have the resources to do it but I’m going to work very hard to get them. I just went back to College (I’m 26) and I am still recovering from this type of abuse. I feel like I need to be fully aware of what’s happening out there and confident enough to be able to pull it off. Nobody how small my achievement in this area, I HAVE to do something. Can anybody help me? Guide me? Advice me?

    Thank You!

    Diana Chance

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