RCMP Officer gets 3 years

A Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench judge delivered a 3 year sentence to the RCMP officer who sexually assaulted a drunken woman in a police garage. The story about the sentencing is now online at CBC and the report of a guilty verdict is online at The Leader-Post:


RCMP officer guilty of sex assault


Darren Bernhardt, Saskatchewan News Network; CanWest News Service

Published: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PRINCE ALBERT — A veteran RCMP officer sat silent and showed no emotion Tuesday as a Court of Queen’s Bench judge found him guilty of sexual assaulting a drunken female prisoner in the garage of a northern police detachment.

There is no minimum sentence for a sex assault conviction but Const. Thierry Jacques, 32, could face up to a maximum of 14 years behind bars, said Crown prosecutor Inez Cardinal.

“This is a serious sexual assault of a person at the mercy of the officer. I will be seeking a significant period of incarceration,” she told reporters outside the Prince Albert courthouse.

I know misogyny is rampant in Canada, and probably moreso in Saskatchewan than any other province, but this is bad! A 32 year-old man and an officer of the law. Bad? It’s quite despicable, really.

And three years hardly seems enough…

But that’s just another piece of the war on women, isn’t it?


One thought on “RCMP Officer gets 3 years

  1. Yes it is just one small piece of the war, but thanks for blogging it, I almost missed this one.

    I am shocked at the number of RCMP officers currently or recently under investigation for sex crimes. It’s down right frightening!

    Hey good luck on Nanowrimo, I’m blocked at the moment…Arrrgh!

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