Photo Messages to Feds

Here’s a new, fun, and quick challenge (and easier than Rick Mercer’s photochallenges!) from

Call for Photos

Got something to say to Minister Oda and the federal government?

Say it with a photo.

Send the federal government a visual message. Join the online photo campaign to show Minister Oda and Prime Minister Stephen Harper what we think of the drastic changes they have made to Status of Women Canada (SWC).

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Let ours express our support for SWC, our commitment to women’s equality, our desire for the federal government to not retreat from its obligations.

Take action in 3 easy steps

  1. Point & Click – Snap a photo of yourself holding your message to the federal government (want ideas? view examples for inspiration).
  2. Permit us – Sign off on the terms of this photo project so that we can use your photo as part of this campaign.
  3. Upload it – Use this easy form to upload your photo to this website.


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