Mercer’s hot; MacKay is not!

Peter MacKay is pretty easy to make fun of, but no one does it better than the CBC’s Rick Mercer. This week’s Rick Mercer Report had me belly-laughing more than a couple of times. I’ll admit I haven’t laughed a whole lot over this linguistic affair because it’s difficult to see all my fears about the Cons materializing. But this spoof was good! It was a spoof of a dog food commercial, a long, drawn out commercial featuring Peter MacKay Dog Food! It’s available for viewing on the show’s website.

The misogyny of the latest Con to speak on the MacKay comment is over the top! The reason this story has legs, according to former Mulroney aid and former Ambassador, Norman Spector, is not because the Cons are tripping all over the place, but because there are women in the Ottawa Press Gallery. OMG! Those damned uppity women cannot keep their mouths shut, I guess. Now CTV is reporting that Spector’s comments have brought calls for Spector to be dumped as a political pundit in the media.

I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful for all this as it points to the fundamental need for increased, not decreased, funding to Status of Women Canada!

Rick’s visit to 24 Sussex and the sleepover on PMS‘s couch was good for a laugh, too, especially when PMS handed Rick his lunch bag and gave him a hug. Gotta wonder how hard that was for PMS! And, Rick’s Rant of the Week was good, too. The video’s on the show’s site and the text is available at Rick’s blog. He rants about Fortier not running in the upcoming byelection in Montreal and makes some very good points about democracy as well as provides links to the two petitions he’s set up.

Oh, there’s a new Photo Challenge, too.

Thanks to skdadl at Peace, order and good government, eh? for the heads-up on the Spector story.

UPDATED 23:29 PM to link to the Feminist Toronto blog post on this issue.


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