SK MP stalls new Kyoto legislation

One of our SK Members of Parliament, Tom Lukiwski, stalled the House Environment Committee for an hour and a half, effectively stopping debate on the Liberal’s new Kyoto bill. From

Saskatchewan Tory MP Tom Lukiwski delivered a 120-minute monologue on alleged procedural transgressions by the committee as it prepared to debate a Liberal bill on Kyoto – one supported by all opposition parties and the vast majority of MPs.

Opposition MPs didn’t even pretend to listen to Lukiwski who, under the Commons rules on points of order, was allowed to carry on at will.

Their eyes glazed over. They joked amongst themselves. And they muttered their complaints about Lukiwski’s filibustering performance.

“It was a historic performance, yes,” said Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez, author of the Kyoto bill. “But it’s one they should be ashamed of – not proud.”

Jack and Gilles aren’t very impressed either.  They have nothing good to say.  And, quite frankly, what good is there to say when a Government stalls the process of governing?  And in a minority government situation?  Talk about rebranding?!?  This is truly bizarre!

Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said the Tories are worse in government than the Liberals because they’re not only arrogant, but incompetent as well.

“I would say they’re paralyzing themselves,” Duceppe told a news conference.

“(Stephen) Harper was telling us – Jack and I – at the time we were in opposition that the Liberals were arrogant in not speaking to us.

“He’s doing worse than them. And since they have almost no experience in the House, they’re worse than the Liberals in the procedures because they’re acting like amateurs.”

NDP Leader Jack Layton also blamed Harper.

“He has an arrogant and controlling attitude to his caucus, to the media, to the Canadian public, and also to the representatives (in opposition) of a majority of the Canadian people.

“This is why we’re seeing a logjam in the House of Commons. There is no desire on the part of his government to work with other parties.”

He suggested it’s about time for an election to solve the deadlock.

Yup.  It’s time.  Harper now has enough rope and seems to be using it well enough.

Thanks to Robert at My Blahg for the lead.

3 thoughts on “SK MP stalls new Kyoto legislation

  1. Thanks to Jack, the cons are the Govt. now so why is he complaining. He certainly thought he would get a better deal with the Cons and now that he sees that he is not, he is crying the blues. They, the dippers, made a serious mistake last year. The libs. were prepared to go along and compromise on certain legislation, i.e. the budget. The dippers now find that the control freak Cons. will not compromise despite it being a minority Govt. Will the dippers ever learn. They will never form govt. so they should pick their buddies carefully.

  2. Sheila, this kind of speculation and innuendo is what I’d expect of a Harper supporter, not someone who claims to care about Canada. If we want to see Harper and his ilk go down, we’re going to have to work together because I, for one, will never vote Liberal. So, I think you are the one who will have to pick your buddies carefully.

    And bigcity, you may be correct.

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