A revealing meme

I’ve been tagged by Amy for a meme called the People Collecting Meme.

It’s an odd name, but here goes.


‘Remember that it isn’t always the sensational stuff that writers are looking for, it can just as easily be something that you take for granted like having raised twins or knowing how to grow beetroot. Mind you, if you know how to fly a helicopter or have worked as a film extra, do feel free to let the rest of us know about it.’

Here’s an explanation:

The above is a rather spooky practice, “people collecting”, in which you are charged to provide five little-known facts about yourself on your blog, so that writers can have some research material.

All right then, in the name of research, here are five little-known things about me:

  1. I love making pickles, jams, etc. Zucchini relish is one of my specialties, coming second only to Great Aunt Julia’s Dill Pickles.
  2. I am a spelling bitch. The City of Regina’s website has a spelling mistake on the word “separate,” using “seperate” instead. It’s taken all my willpower to not email the web manager to chide them on their poor spelling. I have taken a screenshot as a memento, though.
  3. I once voted Conservative. I was young and stupid, what can I say?
  4. I was sexually assaulted at the age of 19. After that, I became politicized and I never again voted Conservative.
  5. I took each of my kids with me to a provincial Cabinet lobby session while they were babes. And I nursed them during the session. In the 1990’s in SK, that was a big deal.

Now I feel naked!

So I’m going to get outta here and tag Debra at April Reign, Rhett at Rockstar Poet, and Kimmie at The Wine and the Are.


3 thoughts on “A revealing meme

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  2. I am sorry you were sexually assaulted. Just curious to know why that incident affected your decision to not vote Conservative.
    Conservatives are not in the mushy middle for crime and punishment. I would have thought you would support stronger laws for your assailant.
    Just wondering….

  3. When I came to an understanding of how it wasn’t my fault for being assaulted, of how men abuse their power, of how the problem was not even really with the assailant, but more generally in the power of the patriarchy to twist and warp and pollute male and female minds, and when I saw the Conservatives promoting that power and abuse of power, well, that’s when I decided I could never, ever support that group.

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