Worst polluters: SK right up there

Pollution Watch says that Saskatchewan, with a population of just under 1 million, is the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the country. The government-owned utility, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, is the third largest greenouse gas emitter in the country with 13,669,500 tonnes CO2e emitted in 2004!

Interesting that, on its website, SaskPower boasts it is committed to protecting the environment as we work to provide our customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity.

What a load of hooey coming from a part of the world where sun-less and/or wind-less days are very rare. But try telling SaskPower that! All you get in response is a ten-page letter telling you how green coal is! Premier Calvert and the Honourable John Nilson, his Minister Responsible for the Environment and for SaskPower, as well as all Members of the Legislative Assembly, should be ashamed!

I suspect that, unless the NDP go very green very soon, we’ll see a surge of Green Party support in Saskatchewan next provincial election.

And I didn’t even get started on uranium!

Thanks to the conscious earth for the heads-up.


One thought on “Worst polluters: SK right up there

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