Women organizing

I got to know Pamusement when she worked for the YWCA of Regina almost a decade ago. Now she’s partnered up with Audra to organize a response to the changes at Status of Women Canada.

PMS and his NGC have removed the word equality from the SWC’s mandate and changed the rules so that women’s groups cannot use federal funding to do advocacy or lobbying.

Visit the Status Report for information to help determine what your role in this campaign will be.


2 thoughts on “Women organizing

  1. From the organizer’s own words:

    “We believe the federal government should be responsive and accountable to ALL citizens, not just the ideologically skewed voices of a mere few.

    Statusreport.ca is non-partisan, unaffiliated with any women’s organization…”

    Say what? “Non partisan”….”Not affliliated” How so, not financially, but in spirit, I am suggesting?

    Certainly they are affiliated in the ‘fight’ to retain their usual funding, right?

    And does one even need to question the assertion that SWC represents ALL citizens?

    We know they are in a battle of missions with at least one other group representing women.

    And do they ever seek out helping men in need?

    But if they do secure a huge response through this new site, will they then admit that the internet is basically a pretty good tool to organize?

    And henceforth, requests/demands for the taxpayers to continually fund SWC’s meetings or offices, and so on, will be reflected in those requests?

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