Rona’s nose grows again!

I wrote about Rona’s nose in a previous post. And now, thanks Paul, for this:

Hot air from Tories on Kyoto

…Ambrose told the committee the Conservative government won’t be spending a dime of Kyoto cash abroad, arguing that taxpayers’ money should be used to clean up the Canadian environment, not fix other countries’ pollution problems.

To illustrate her point, Ambrose pounded the previous Liberal governments for spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on Kyoto carbon credits, investing the funds in what she portrayed as all manner of shady anti-pollution schemes in foreign countries rife with corruption.

“I have in front of me a list of at least $100 million of money that was used to purchase international credits,” Ambrose told the committee. “I can go through the list.”

So she did — $2 million to the state power corporation of China; $2.5 million to Panama; $3 million to Bangladesh; $1.5 million to the government of India; $375,000 to Paraguay.

“I could go on and on,” Ambrose said. “There’s hundreds of millions of dollars … for international credits. When we see this kind of list, it is troubling that the priorities of the Liberal party (were) to spend this money elsewhere.

“Some of these projects actually didn’t even earn us Kyoto credits.”

Actually, none of the projects earned any Kyoto credits because the entire list of dubious foreign money pits had next to nothing at all to do with the environmental accord.

After considerable digging and prodding, we discover that the environment minister was quoting from a roster of foreign aid projects approved by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and funded from a one-shot $100-million kitty set up under the Liberals in 2000, and long since emptied.

While the money was supposed to be spent on projects to help developing countries clean up their act, none of it had any connection to Kyoto credits, contrary to what the minister would have us believe. It was foreign aid, plain and simple.

Poor, poor Rona.


Rona before Commons Committee Meeting


Rona after Commons Committee Meeting

She’s going to be tripping on that nose before long.

Or, maybe one day she’ll no longer be a puppet…


9 thoughts on “Rona’s nose grows again!

  1. Statement was:

    “Actually, none of the projects earned any Kyoto credits because the entire list of dubious foreign money pits had next to nothing at all to do with the environmental accord.”

    But actually, the mission of CIDA WAS to include Kyoto in its *other* programs, and international credits were the plum given in return.

    There is confusion around what kind of international credits, as we all seem to have been lead down some path on the environment.

    But checking the Climate Change Capacity Development Fund (CCCDF), where Ambrose found the money had been spent, internationally, we find this:…/canada- cdm.htm

    “Taking action on climate change
    Canada’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
    and Joint Implementation (JI) Office

    Canada ratified the Kyoto Protocol in December 2002, and Canadian companies’ interest in the Kyoto Mechanisms has continued to grow. This is demonstrated by their active interest in exploring Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects globally.

    Canada has taken several steps to effectively meet the growing Canadian interest in the Kyoto Mechanisms. Canada’s CDM & JI Office has been created as the focal point for CDM and JI and focuses on project facilitation activities. Canada is also helping to build international capacity to participate in the CDM and JI through the Climate Change Capacity Development Fund managed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

    ******The Government of Canada has recognized the importance of CDM and JI under the Climate Change Plan for Canada, which states that it will consider purchasing at least ten megatonnes of international credits, the majority of these from the project-based mechanisms.*****”

    “*****The mandate of Canada’s CDM & JI Office is to strengthen Canada’s capacity to take maximum advantage of the flexibility mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol, to encourage and facilitate Canadian participation in the mechanisms, and to assist Canadian companies to obtain emission reduction credits from CDM & JI projects.”*****


    Further to that finding, from the CIDA website: the CCCDF again, all tied to the discussion of Kyoto.…JUD-4189500- J8U

    “Climate change requires cooperation on a global scale to develop and implement solutions. The international community is tackling climate change through a number of agreements, such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reduce greenhouse gases. Canada is a party to this Convention and to its Kyoto Protocol, both of which call for financial and technological transfers to developing countries.”

    [Note: *** are my highlighting of the points]

    Who can keep up to the number of funds established, compliments of taxpayers in Canada, all to do with environment and climate?

  2. Now, now. We shouldn’t be too hard on poor Rona. I doubt that she was lying. I’m sure she was genuinely unaware of what she was reading into record. Members of the conservative government, never ones to let fact or truth interfere with their politics, are blithly uninterested in factuality. I’m reminded of Jason Kenney “obliviously” speaking at a rally for a group associated with known terrorists and Chuck Strahl and David Anderson’s imaginary statistics supporting the abolishment of the Canadian Wheat Board Single Desk. Would Pinocchio’s nose have grown if he had never met Jimminie Cricket?

  3. On the Canadian Wheat Board….

    From what I have been reading SWC wants women to have equal opportunity to participate in the various aspects of life in Canada.

    For those farmers who spend their money and energy producing their grain, some, and only some, have the ability to decide who they will sell it to.

    Those who do have that ability, have it for simply residing in Ontario or Quebec.

    Those who live in the Western provinces, to date, have to abide by the will of the majority of farmers who vote for the CWB system.

    Equality is the battle cry for SWC. This is no different for those Western farmers, who want to find their own niche buyers?

    It does not destroy the CWB. They can carry on as before. They have the heft and the numbers to do so.

    The CWB was started to ensure that grain would be provided to the troops and the people affected by the war…WW1.

    The CWB is not even allowed to monopolize all the grain production, and the other seeds and grains do just fine without them.

    Progress, and claiming to be progressive, means stepping out of the box created during the war years. Surely.

  4. Now, where in this post did I say a word about the CWB? Buckdog has that one covered. And you, in trying to make a link between women’s oppression and farmers who want the CWB to disappear, shows just how much you don’t know. BTW, did I mention I’m a farm girl?

    So please, in future, stick to the topic and provide a reliable source for your ramblings, because, in fact,

    The history of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) is grounded in the experience of farmers prior to World War I. Many farmers at the time felt captive to the railways, the line elevator companies, and the Winnipeg Grain Exchange for the delivery, weighing, grading, and pricing of their grain. They wanted greater power and protection for themselves in the grain marketing system. They developed a strong confidence in cooperative strategies and government intervention for addressing their needs and therefore established the Grain Growers’ Grain Company in 1905 and put pressure on the provincial governments to establish provincially owned elevator companies in subsequent years and on the federal government to pass the Canada Grain Act in 1912 establishing the Canadian Grain Commission as the official weigher and inspector of grain.

    from CWB.

  5. CWB is mentioned in comment #2 and no where did I designate its owner:

    “I’m reminded of Jason Kenney “obliviously” speaking at a rally for a group associated with known terrorists and Chuck Strahl and David Anderson’s imaginary statistics supporting the abolishment of the Canadian Wheat Board Single Desk.”

    And here you go on the origin of the Wheat Baord:

    “When the First World War broke out in 1914, the demand for wheat was unprecedented, and all energies were devoted to the crop. The Canadian Wheat Board was formed as a temporary war measure to market the country’s entire crop, and this stabilized wheat prices for the first time.”

  6. Does the federal government website for the CWB suit better?

    “From 1917 until the end of World War I, and again in 1935, the government established the CWB to ensure the orderly sale of grain under difficult conditions. In its original form, the Board was a compromise tool for increasing returns and stabilizing income, and was based on voluntary participation. In 1943, when agriculture and the supply of food to Canada’s allies once again became an important national goal, farmers’ participation in the CWB became compulsory.”

    We are all open to learning things we never knew before. It is all good.

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