PMS: Misogynistic Warmonger

I’m always looking for the interconnectedness in all things and well, this one seems glaringly obvious. But I decided to post it anyway.

PMS’s warmongering is connected to his disdain for progressive women. In his mind it’s ok for our soldiers to kill and be killed and it’s ok for 1 in 2 Canadian women to be assaulted in her lifetime. Why else would he kill funding for women’s organizations who lobby to changes to that stat?  Why else would he piss on women?

And then, when an MP asks if Canada could negotiate a ceasefire in Afghanistan, why else would PMS call the question, despicable?

When Libby Davies, an NDP member for Vancouver, asked on Wednesday if Canada would try to get the Afghani government, the Pakistani government and the Taliban to negotiate a ceasefire so that stability and security could return to southern Afghanistan, Mr. Harper, promoter of decorum and decency, had this answer.

“This week we learned, sadly, of the deaths of Canadian soldiers….while they were in the process of building roads for the benefit of the population. Instead of expressing support for our soldiers and sympathy for their loved ones and for those they have lost, why does the NDP get up and ask despicable questions like that?”

Obviously, he has no interest in a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the Middle East. He is a misogynistic warmonger.

From sex positive’s blog

Monday, October 09, 2006
Status Report – Status of Women Canada/Condition Feminine CanadaStatus of Women Canada/Condition Feminine Canada, the federal agency responsible for funding womens groups in Canada, as well as conducting gender-based policy research, has just had its budget radically sliced up by the Conservative government. Its mandate has been altered so that it no longer includes the word “equality,” and as recently as this week, groups who receive funding through Status of Women Canada/Condition Feminine Canada are now no longer able to use those funds to do government lobbying.

But guess what Stephen Harper, the feminists are coming, and theyre pissed off.

Visit the newly created Status Report website for additional information.

And look out, Steve! Hallowe’en’s coming…witches will be after you!


One thought on “PMS: Misogynistic Warmonger

  1. The question posed by Libby Davies:

    “When will the government bring Karzai, the Pakistani military leadership, and combatants, to the same table to hammer out a ceasefire that will finally bring about stability and security in southern Afghanistan? When will it do that?”

    Was the Prime Minister strident in his reply?

    Was Davies a tad lacking in good timing and judgement, as the announcement had just been made that yet another Canadian soldier had been killed, while protecting the Afghanis trying to re-build roads?

    Is this not a NATO supported effort, in which Canada is one of the few, very few, members to be actually pulling its weight in that country?

    And is this not a UN-sanctioned effort, which has those many nations bubbling forth platitudes about supporting Afghanis, but doing nothing more to input any real productive assistance?

    This IS the one country that is actually pulling its weight!

    It is one of the few participating countries that actually heads into -and stays- in the most dangerous zones, while others retreat at night, or do not put their heads above the walls, sanctioned by their country’s government;)

    It IS one country putting boots on the ground, and the Taliban knows it. That is why the Taliban is fighting back so hard….before the winter slows their movement down again.

    Davies and others, don’t/won’t likewise charge after those who actually DO shirk their duty as a NATO or UN members, to lift their weight, do their part.

    Frankly, I can see how the word, “despicable”, would come to mind, for those soldiers and their families who have given it all, to hear all this social chatter, and finger wagging, at the very government that is trying to make a difference over there.

    And at the very same government putting up the big bucks for a battle most have no answer for, other than the coming away from it would surely be worse.

    The use of flippant terminology directed at the leader of those Canadian soldiers, who actually are trying to help women in that country, says more than one might want to reveal.

    Do the Afghani women on tour prefer our guys get out of there!

    Ask what her men, in Afghanistan, are doing to stop the enemy coming across the border from Pakistan.

    Do you want our soldiers taken out of there now? Come on…you must have a clear response to that!

    Where is the hue and cry against this UN member…Pakistan?

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