Rona’s nose is growing…

I’m falling in love with Elizabeth May. She hears something from Enviro Minister Ambrose and immediately goes to the source. From the Green Party of Canada website:

Media Releases


CDM expert contradicts Minister Ambrose

Minister Ambrose twice cited a report from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, specifically referencing Daphne Wysham as a source of the following quote “the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) creates an incentive for corruption.”

The Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, contacted Daphne Wysham directly…The CDM expert, Daphne Wysham, made the following statement in response, “I am horrified that my statement criticizing the CDM has been interpreted by Canada’s Environment Minister as justification for not living up to the terms of the Kyoto Protocol.

Score +1 for Elizabeth, -2 for Rona.

Update:  Just couldn’t help myself…



3 thoughts on “Rona’s nose is growing…

  1. Don’t you love when people are so desperate for ammunition, that they deceptively twist other people’s words?

    I guess it isn’t easy justifying being the world’s only Kyoto member to give up on the treaty…

  2. I was kind of hoping to like Rona Ambrose, but it seems like some old boys from big oil and big auto gave her a talking to, and now she’s just playing catch with them instead of hardball.
    But as far as politicians lying about what reports actually say? Bush & Blair with the I.A.E.A and with Joseph Wilson’s report on uranium from Nigeria take the cake!!

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