United Opposition

Lovely bit of news in my inbox today: we have an Opposition that finally has it together! From Maisonneuve:

The National (not available online), the Citizen, the Globe and the Star all go inside with yesterday’s vote in the House of Commons on Canada’s Kyoto commitments. Handing the minority Tories a “significant defeat,” all three opposition parties banded together to vote for legislation that would force the government to implement the Kyoto Protocol, reports the Citizen. According to the Star, “The 152-115 vote in the Commons is an embarrassment for the Conservative government, which has declared the emissions-cutting targets of the climate treaty to be unachievable.” Environment Minister Rona Ambrose nevertheless received a standing ovation from the Tory caucus as she voted against the bill, which will now be studied by a parliamentary committee.

The growing Commons divide over climate-change policy comes as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and the federal Conservatives are gearing up for a fight over the government’s environmental plan, expected to be released soon. According to the Globe, McGuinty is worried that Ambrose’s plan will unfairly target the auto sector, which the paper cleverly calls “the engine of Ontario’s economy.” Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove joined McGuinty in criticizing the plan, which is rumored to target smog-related emissions rather than those actually responsible for global warming, reports the Star. Hargrove and McGuinty say Ontario will bear the brunt of the costs associated with such a plan, while Western Canada’s oil and gas producers won’t be expected to do much.

Makes me feel like scoring 1 for the Environment and 1 for all the bloggers who have taken on Ambrose over the NGC’s ludicrous position on Kyoto!

UPDATE:  See Accidental Deliberations for a discussion of how the NGC admits it really has no “plan” for the environment.

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One thought on “United Opposition

  1. “The 152-115 vote in the Commons is an embarrassment for the Conservative government”

    Embarrassment? What embarrassment? The Tories have a minority government. The opposition can defeat the government any time they want too. Why should the Tories be embarrassed about a meaningless vote? This is why it was not on the front page!

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