Five things Feminism has given me

Though Status of Women Canada is not the answer to solving the question of women’s inequality in this country, it does help Canadian women provide invaluable, if sketchy, service to women and children from coast to coast to coast. The cuts will have a definite impact in women’s lives and so to protest that and the war-mongering that PMS and the NGC are doing, here is my list of 5.


Feminism has given me the right to choose in matters even beyond reproductivity. I chose my marriage partner. I chose to have children. I chose to stay at home and be the primary caregiver for the kids. I chose to return to work. I chose to become a poet and political activist. I choose, each and every day of my life, in matters on which my foremothers had no choice.


Feminism has given me the right to vote, to run for office, to work on election campaigns. And to own property (though really, property is theft).


Feminism has given me community. When I knew no one at university, I found friends in the Women’s Centre. Our friendships deepened as we left school and grew into our adulthood. Now, twenty-some years later, we are friends watching our children grow and change and, unfortunately, fight some of the same political battles we fought.


Feminism has given me an outlet for the great anger that surges through me as a result of living within a patriarchal society. It has taught me to be patient with the men who are supportive of feminism and to stand my guard and speak my mind with those who are not.


Feminism has given me the courage necessary to blog this post even though I wasn’t tagged and even when and and and the like are regular visitors.

And now, I’m going to tag Tracy, Brenda, Amy, PJ, and Anita.

Happy Women’s Month!

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