Mayor mad with power?

I could not believe this (from NewsTalk 980 radio) when I heard about it!

Mayor’s Advisor Off The Campaign
September 29, 2006

Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco is facing some tough questions on the first full day of his campaign for re-election.
Reporters grilled the incumbent mayoral candidate Friday after witnessing his Senior Advisor participating in his campaign kickoff the previous day.

Friday morning, Fiacco didn’t seem to think it was a problem, saying they have been following the general practice laid out at city hall over the years. He says he still has to do his job as mayor during the campaign, and that every municipality in the country does the same.

But that’s not entirely true, according to City Clerk Randy Merkewich. He tells us the city’s general practice is that employees do not participate in an election campaign during work hours.

Then I read this:

Mayor defends use of car, assistant during campaign

Last Updated: Friday, September 29, 2006 | 6:51 PM CT

There are no laws against a mayor using city hall staff — such as a senior adviser —and a city-operated vehicle during an election campaign, Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco says.

“There’s nothing specific there that says you can or cannot do it,” said Fiacco, who’s seeking a third term in office in the Oct. 25 election.

“During an election, you’re the mayor, you still have a job to do and you’re out there trying to get re-elected. So, I’ve been doing this for quite some time and, frankly, this is what every municipality in the country does as well.”

In Winnipeg, officials said, staff in the mayor’s office go on unpaid leave during an election.

In Saskatoon, an official said, the mayor’s staff are forbidden from doing anything connected with an election campaign.

When I finally got my hands on this fax, sent out from the City of Regina Acquisitions Department — presumably to all City of Regina Flood Control suppliers, I flipped! It’s a request for votes. And donations!

Hardly suggestive, is it? Nuh-uh, Mayor Pat. Paid staff, a City-operated vehicle, and use of the City’s office equipment and suppliers’ list. This is an abuse of your Office, Mister Mayor!

I’m thinking you’ve been Mayor for too long and — just like the Liberals who had been too long in power federally — have come to believe that your privileges are entitlements.

I’m thinking Reginans deserve better.

I’m thinking it’s time for a change.

Thanks to The Jurist at the Saskatchewan Citizen’s Federation for the lead.

2 thoughts on “Mayor mad with power?

  1. I also recall an NDP supporter using an inappropriate fax to send out ‘support the candidate’ correspondence not so long ago. Then again, what if someone ‘spoofed’ a header on a fax? Me thinks Oliver Stone needs to come back to Regina for his next ‘big conspiracy’ movie.

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