NAFTA Highway & N. A. Integration

The Des Moines Register reports folks in their state saying that there is no plan to integrate Mexico, Canada and the USA into one big, happy family:

The Iowa leaders reject the idea, though, that they are promoting plans that would undermine the state’s economy, threaten the jobs of Iowa workers or jeopardize highway safety. Questions have been repeatedly raised about the superhighway corridor plans by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and conservative online publications, such as Human Events and Worldnet Daily.

“These people are conjuring up a globalist scheme that we are going to have this North American country. It is pretty hard to characterize these people as anything other than paranoid,” said Dale Vander Schaaf, an Iowa DOT policy analyst who is treasurer of the North American SuperCorridor Coalition.

But the Banff Crag and Canyon says otherwise, reporting on a secret meeting on North American integration that took place there in mid-September 2006:

The 2006 North American Forum, entitled Continental Prosperity in the New Security Environment, was hosted by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives with help from the Canada West Foundation at the [Banff] Springs [Hotel] from Sept. 12 to 14.

Topics included “A Vision for North America,” “A North American Energy Strategy,” “Demographic and Social Dimensions of North American Integration,” and “Opportunities for Security Co-operation.”

Vive le Canada has the full list of participants at said meeting. Notables are Donald Rumsfeld, Stockwell Day and Perrin Beatty, along with a host of business people and government officials from all over the continent, including Iowa, I think. And, Vive le Canada is taking action. They’ve issued a call to join the Red and White Ribbon Campaign for Canadian Sovereignty, a way to say NO to deep integration and a North American Union!


One thought on “NAFTA Highway & N. A. Integration

  1. The Red and White Ribbon Campaign has been running for a while. Interestingly enough, I work with Americans daily on a web project and they’ve visited our blog. The only one who’s ever commented on it said “Good for you. Don’t blame you a bit.”

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