Questionable appt to Human Rights Tribunal

Cowboys for Social Responsibility have the full scoop. What follows is an excerpt.

In 2005, [Kerry-Lynne] Findlay decided to seek the Conservative nod in Richmond for the impending Paul Martin Parliamentary and electoral meltdown.

She didn’t even make it to the last ballot.

But what she did after being eliminated makes me wonder about the appropriateness of this appointment.

The Richmond Review reports (scroll down about half way):

At the end of the afternoon, the turning point may have come when nominee Kerry-Lynne Findlay, a Vancouver lawyer, threw her support behind (Darrel) Reid.

Why is Reid important?

As the article notes, Darrel Reid was Chief of Staff to Reform Party leader Preston Manning. In 1997, Reid received 27% of the popular vote as the Reform Party’s first candidate in the Eastern Ontario riding of Lanark-Carleton.

Following his stint in the Leaders’ office, Reid was President of the evangelical Christian group, Focus on the Family Canada.

Does Findlay’s support for Darrel Reid highlight the values she brings to the Human Rights Tribunal?

If it does, it’s an appointment that should never have happened.

A connection to Focus on the Family on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal just doesn’t sit well with this feminist.  The Minister, Vic Toews needs a letter.  Click on his name for contact info.


3 thoughts on “Questionable appt to Human Rights Tribunal

  1. First of all, supporting an individual doesn’t mean you agree with all their beliefs. She might simply have thought Reid was the best candidate. Secondly, not every appointment to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has to be a feminist. I suspect you’ll agree with my first point and take issue with the second. Oh well. 🙂

  2. They don’t have to be feminists.

    And they shouldn’t have a record of supporting bigots from outside of even the Conservative Party mainstream.

    I could add a rude comment about Reid being so far from the mainstream that he couldn’t win the Richmond seat despite a strong Tory showing in the election.

    But I won’t.

  3. I live in Richmond and I received a lot information at the time of the 2005 vote. It was not a stellar cast of characters. Of course there was Reid and Findlay, then there was a former RCMP (as it turned out he fudged his real address on his nomination – he lived in West Van not Richmond as he stated) an arrogant former city councilor and a former Sheila Copps campaign manger turned conservative candidate. At the end of the day Findlay was stuck between the arrogant city counciler. She made a choice – I don’t know if I would put too much into it. On the day Reid was better than Howard Jampolski.

    Though Ms. Findlay had not won anything outside of the Quadra nomination in 2000 for the Alliance she does seem to have decent credentials for a Quasi-Legal posting like HRT…She is a QC and a past president of the Canadian Bar Association in BC.

    To me it’s an acceptable selection that happened to run for the party. At least she’s not a journalist.


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