Sex(ism) in the (Queen) City (& more)

I swear Regina has a higher number of sexist men in the media per capita than anywhere in Canada!

First the bad booze ad in the community newspaper (which, btw, was ordered to be pulled from all media across the country by the Canadian Advertising Standards Council — YAY!).  And now we get this from a local radio station, The Wolf:

So we’ve added the new WOLF blogs… where the DJs from The Wolf can state their opinions, thoughts and have it out for all the world to see.

But we’ll warn you now… the government might regulate radio, but they don’t regulate the internet…

Well, I have a kid who listens to The Wolf, so I thought I’d take a peek. I clicked the link for Blogs, and then the one for Chris White, one of the on-air hosts when my kid wakes up. Here is what I found:

Hey all

Just so we are on the same page

Ballsy and I are holding the First Ever Hottest Regina Chick Contest

North Against South

Send you photo’s to

Nothing dirty unless you really want to

Even overlooking the bad spelling and bad grammar and the bad photos from the bikini contest they sponsored this summer, I remain completely unimpressed! They’re correct when they say the internet is not regulated. And I’m okay with that because, at the same time, email and the Internet give us the opportunity to network without interference from corporate media.

So, Sisters (and supportive Brothers), let’s take this opportunity to give The Wolf, a corporate media outlet, an education. I’ve hyperlinked the email address for you should you like to send them a message about the impact of sexism on boys and girls.

Now, if you want to have a bit more impact, please take this one step further. The station falls under the banner of one of the The Hill Companies.  In researching this piece, I’ve discovered that The Hill Companies have a vested interest in the expansion of Regina’s southwest, with plans to develop Trans Canada Centre, 90 acres of mixed retail, restaurants, entertainment, and highway services, on the northwest corner of Lewvan Drive and the TransCanada Highway.  Yes, I’m sure they’d love to see the Regina piece of the NAFTA highway developed.  It would surely mean more money in their already fat pockets.

In the matter of sexism on The Wolf’s website, it is Harvard Broadcasting, a Hill Company headed by Hill Vice-President, Mr. Bruce Cowie, and run by General Manager, Michael Olstrom,  I’m absolutely certain they would be interested in your messages. In case you didn’t know, The Hill Companies claim to be a family enterprise leading a diversified group of North American companies with their holdings in the areas of real estate, manufacturing, surety bonds, insurance, oil and gas, and broadcasting.  In June of this year, at a Review of the Commercial Radio Policy before the CRTC, Mr. Cowie said, The success of the Hill companies has been built on two principles ‑‑ caring and commitment ‑‑ principles which guide not only our business operations but our attitude and social activities in the communities the Hill family serves.

A family enterprise, built on caring and commitment.  What a load of bull!!!  I’d say it’s more like an old boys’ club built on greed and sexism.  I mean, look at their executive!  Not one woman to be found!

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe a radio station ought to have higher standards than what The Wolf’s public personalities portray. They have a responsibility to the young people who listen to their radio station and visit their website. And, to the community in which they do business. So, I’m encouraging my teens to expand their listening habits.  And I’m encouraging you to not only send messages, but also boycott The Wolf and all Harvard Broadcasting media and, just as importantly, the advertisers who keep them in business.

Oh, all right!  You can listen to the Rider game on CKRM, but only if it’s not on television!


29 thoughts on “Sex(ism) in the (Queen) City (& more)

  1. Not to mention that the Leader-Post had a “Hotties” contest a couple of years back. I believe a doctor won the ‘Hottest Regina Woman’ category, for all her work in neighbourhood clinics, and in the male category, a young man with an Internet-based company won the title.

    There were pictures and bios and folks voted and all that jazz; I certainly didn’t think there was any objectification going on there, but that was a little bit of a different focus.

    I choose not to listen to the Wolf because I don’t like the music they play, I don’t like their hosts’ attitudes, and I don’t share the same sense of humour – I didn’t in junior high; I didn’t in high school; I didn’t in University; and I certainly don’t now. At the very least, just do the easy thing and listen to 91.3FM CJTR instead. It features better music, much more intelligent host personalities, and better yet, it’s a community radio station.

    I can’t say much about the makeup of Harvard Broadcasting’s board of directors, owners, or anything else, but I can certainly say that the people on the board of your community radio station are people from your community (and they certainly don’t get paid for their hard work).

  2. Helloo again B-, it’s Steve Whitworth, everyone’s favourite sexist media antagonist. I couldn’t find any information on the Bacardi ad being pulled by the advertising standards but would appreciate a link, if you could post it on your site. Did they get smacked for the ad, or the Web site? I’d be interested in details.

  3. Oops, should be “advertising standards”, not “the advertising standards”.

    You see now why prairie dog needs to run a typo contest…

  4. All I know is what was said to me in the letter I received. The image, with the caption, was deemed to be sexist. When that happens, it’s my understanding that advertisers are obliged to pull the ads across the country.

  5. ok.all i have to say is, what the hell? first off, people from other parts of canada and the world, dont get the wrong impression here.Regina is a GREAT city to live in with everything you could want. What I would like to know is, if the wolf is so “vulgar and sexist” then how come it is the #1 radio station in town? i think the person that wrote this article probably wieghs 500 pounds and is jealous of everyone thinner and better looking then her. For christ’s sake, if its such a bad radio station, then how come my own mother listens to it?

  6. I personally want to thank the Wolf for helping my family last year with a donation made from this radio staion. I could never have found the money needed on my own when my 5 year old son was sick. I talked with The Hurricane and they had a fund raiser that helped us cover the cost of staying in a hotel in Saskatoon. Maybe you shouldn’t always judge a book by it’s cover. You make ME sick!

  7. Not to mention, The Wolf and all three of the Regina Harvard stations support the local hospitals by holding a radiothon every year. They raise thousands of dollars for LOCAL kids because they care.
    I agree…don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s all a “schtick” to portray them as “bad ass” because they’re a rock radio station. But obviously they do care about our city.

  8. So, you’re saying we should just ignore their sexist shtick (which works to keep women down and “in their place”) because the bosses of the radio station run a radiothon? Do you know anything about Harvard Communications and the kinds of things they are involved in?

    Where are your morals? Where are your principals?

    I’ll bet Nellie McClung and the women who worked their buns off to get women recognized as persons are rolling over in their graves, reading your responses to naming sexism.

  9. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it then don’t listen. This is exactly what is wrong with society today. Everyone gets offended over the smallest little detail. What do you do when you see something on T.V. that you think is morally wrong or even say, a re-run? You change the channel. I suggest you do the same when listening to the radio. CJTR is a great station for anyone digging an alternative view. There is satellite radio, I-Pods, Mp3 players, Cd’s hell even cassettes. Are you going to blame heavy metal for people going on a shooting rampage????? Or blame a thyroid for being over weight??? People are always looking for someone else to blame other than themselves. I know this is getting off topic, but look at life in the grey area not just the black or white. But feminists are cute!!!!!

  10. Hey, Art, can you read? I don’t listen to TheWolf shite; my kid does. It’s one of the places he picks up the sexist crapola he throws at me.

    So, grow up, little one. And get an analysis of the world that’s bigger than a finger nail.

  11. I do read and know that you don’t listen to the wolf and trust me I do have an analysis on the world that is bigger than a finger nail. If your kid isn’t going to get it from the radio he is going to get from everywhere else. I know sexism is a problem, but since the radio station’s core audience is males, you are going to hear talk about scantily clad women. Although this whole north vs. south was a bit lame, it made people listen still. That’s all they are trying to do. WHich I am sure you are aware of as well. I like women that stand up for what they believe in, but seriously this takes it way to far. Do you contact television station when they portray women in the same situation or even worse?? I’m going to bet not.

  12. I quit watching television years ago. It is the opiate of the masses. And I refuse to be drugged by a pith-poor medium.

    So, you’re saying that standing up for the rights of women is taking things too far, are you? I’ll just bet that Nellie McClung and Agnes McPhail heard a lot of tripe like that, too, when they were struggling to get women recognized as persons.

    I don’t think it is right that the media should use women and women’s bodies as a means of increasing the number of listeners. It is completely and totally unfair to women. All it does is perpetuate the sexist idea that women are second-class citizens to be objectified, used, and abused for the pleasure of men.

    And you’re damned right I’m going to do something about it. I have a daughter, too, and I don’t want her harmed by some sexist pig who thinks he has a right on her body!

  13. See the thing about it, is they are in no way, shape or form saying that women are second-class citizens. You are reading in to it too much. This is why most of the world, including most if not all women I know, have a problem with feminists. I’m glad you stand up for what you believe in, all of us should. But let this go, it happened like 5 months ago. Women are not a second-class citizens in Canada and the guys in the mornings don’t think so either.

  14. They don’t have to say it; they are behaving as though women are second-class. They treat women as nothing more than objects to be ogled, pawed, and used. And, as you have clearly demonstrated and as I said previously, your analysis needs to get a little bigger than your fingernail.

    I find it interesting that you, apparently a man, have the gall to tell me, a woman who may well be old enough to be your mother, how I should behave. I find it particularly galling that you would stoop to such a low as to use other women against me. Just because they haven’t put the pieces together in their own minds — and with a friend like you how could they possibly — you use them in your argument with me.

    As for letting this go, oh my child! This is but a small iota of the constant shite that women have to deal with in this very male-dominated world. And you would do well to study the facts about being a woman in Canada before you shoot off your mouth. Take a look at wages, violence, and poverty for starters, then tell me we are not treated as second-class citizens.

    And I will thank you to get the hell off my blog if you don’t like what I’m saying. It’s guys like you who are a problem. You’re too damned lazy to research what’s real for women in this country. You’re too chickenshit to stand up for women’s rights. And you’re too damned arrogant to even think that you might be wrong.

    Write again when you are educated, dude.

  15. Now why Would this Berlynn person get personal with shot about my size
    I thought that holier than though people never did those sort of things.
    SICing who is the question

  16. I’ve never met you and I’ve already mentioned that I don’t listen to your show, how could I possibly know you are height-challenged. But good on me for getting that right, too!

    FYI, here’s the meaning of the phrase, little man. (That’s a link to M-W online, so as you can bookmark it.)

    Siccing whom? Why don’t you tell me, O Great And Wise One?

  17. I would like to know what happen in your life
    to make you sooooooo bitter
    you really are sad
    to think that you spend this much of your time
    consumed by something you know you cannot change
    that is sad!!!!!!!
    May be you should listen
    to the show you might learn
    that that is just what it is a show!!!!!
    Start a boycott like the page says
    but maybe know what you are talking about first!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh, please, you can’t even write in coherent sentences and I’m supposed to give you some cred? Get a grip, little man.

    It is a sexist show and I will not subject myself to that kind of torture. Some people in this world still have principles, something you would do well to learn. TheWolfRocks is not allowed on the family radios; what my children do on their own MP3s, stereos, is up to them, but I have insisted on a boycott of it and now I have the screenshot necessary to take it further.

    The great thing about the internet is the anonymity it allows. Better watch your back, little man, the feminists are gonna getchya!


  19. Now to say I don’t have an education is under estimating me. I would like you to know that I am an architect. I have a wealth of education behind me and continue to further my education. I have females that are of equality in my work place. Many that make more money than I do. They are not power driven nor hungry as you seem to be. I enjoy listening to The Wolf’s Big Breakfast Show for a laugh. Not because I am a male chauvinistic pig, but because I like to wake up to a laugh to get my day going. I am in support of females in a position of power or to even rule a country, but I am not how ever in support of women like yourself that feel “the man” has got you down thus using that to drive you to a position of power. There is a lot more going on in this world to worry about than a radio morning show talking about what part of a city has the best looking women. The women that sent their pictures in did not have to send them. If they are proud of themselves and comfortable enough to send in a picture, then all the power to them. That is the power of a strong woman. The way you are going about things is not the power of a strong woman. Since reading your little blog on this I have asked women that I know and women that I do not if they feel oppressed in the work place and feel gender equality exists. I had one woman that said no but did insist that it was getting better. Would you rather live in a country like Afghanistan where you have no rights?? Things can always be a lot worse. That my friend is a realization you must learn.

  20. Hey, Art, no one’s stopping you from enjoying your laugh at the expense of women in the morning. How fortunate that you are able to do that and still live with yourself. As for your definition of strong women, I suggest the opposite: it is a picture of a woman who is so subconsciously desperate for the approval of the patriarchy that she would objectify herself for the patriarchy. That is what the patriarchy teaches women. “Hush, hush, girl,” it says, “don’t make a noise or the man won’t like you.” Or, “Look like this, so the man will appreciate you.” Or, “behave this way, so the man doesn’t get angry.” Women get those messages all through their upbringing. Good grief, do the research!

    You expect women to tell you that sexism exists when you behave thusly to women? And you’re in a position of power? Ha! You are not only uneducated on the matter of women’s equality, Mr. Vandaleigh, you are a fool!

  21. You know, it’s funny how some people see their opinion as the ONLY opinion. Anyone who does not agree with their outlook is wrong. Regardless of sex, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Is that not what a “comment” section is for? To voice your personal opinion?
    P&P, I absolutely see where you’re coming from … but there’s another side to every story.
    We are lucky to have freedom of speech, whether it’s a topic you agree with or not. If you don’t like what you hear on the radio, don’t listen. If you don’t like what you see on TV, turn it off. If you don’t like what a magazine is portraying, don’t purchase it. You can’t force your opinions on others. It’s up to each individual to make their own decisions. And it should be up to the parents to take ACTIVE control of what their children listen to/watch/see.

    As for sexism, it’s everywhere. It’s unfortunate — yes, but who’s going to change the world? I’m a female and I listen to the Wolf. They’re not forcing any of those women to send in their photos (for example). Look at the Wolf Boy character…he’s doing completely idiotic things and making a fool out of himself – and he’s MALE. Mike Ball makes fun of himself all the time. Just take a look at both sides. Don’t get mad at the medium, get mad at the women sending in the pictures (for example).

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