5 thoughts on “An Essential Read

  1. I think Canadians would respect him much more if he came clean, and simply explained that this final priority is going to take much longer than he thought – that he has indeed made some progress, but that this particular issue can’t be solved as quickly as his four other promises.

    That would be fair enough to most Canadians.

    But simply trying to sweep this final promise under the carpet because it hasn’t been 100% solved within several months of Harper assuming office, illustrates that Harper is more interested in engaging in relatively minor affairs that can be fixed with mere announcements or proclamations – that his government doesn’t have the stomach to engage into difficult and long-term solutions to Canada’s problems. Perhaps it’s simply because he only has a minority government, but is that any excuses for short-sighted and “light” governance?

    He is running government very much like a CEO, and makes sure his “quarterly reports” have a pristine shine to them. Seems obvious he’s trying to gain the trust of Canadians as quickly as he can, so that he can win a majority government ASAP. Thus, he’s more interested in tackling as many “easy” policy areas as he can, and is avoiding most controversial topics.

    If Harper indeed does win a majority government at the next election, it will be interesting to see if his “quick fix” governance continues, or if he’ll have the confidence to tackle more meaty policy areas.


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  3. It sounds like a weird revisionist move. Why not shift the blame and say that the provinces aren’t moving fast enough? Wasn’t money allocated for measurement after the Romanow report? Can’t they use that to start measuring wait times, while they start shifting cash around to do something about it?

    I’m glad to see that you’re using my Green Blogger badge! 🙂


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