Action: Elizabeth Fry Society Workers

Inequity is everywhere. Please take time to fax Minister Yates using the link below.

Support E Fry Workers!

Employees of the Saskatoon Community Training Residence (CTR) for women have been striking since June 14 in a struggle for wage parity. The 15 women earn only about 68 per cent of wages paid to workers at the men’s residences. Men’s training residences are staffed by the province, while the women’s residence is staffed by the Elizabeth Fry Society, a volunteer agency.

The E Fry society has made a final offer of seven per cent over the previous three years, an offer that does nothing to close the wage gap. The workers want the CTR to be rolled into the administration of Corrections and Public Safety, because the government will then be obliged to pay them the same as the men.
Send a fax in support of the E Fry Workers


7 thoughts on “Action: Elizabeth Fry Society Workers

  1. Wasn’t the Fry society one of the organizations that support Homolka’s release and helped her to get put back into society? Too radical of an organization for my tastes.

  2. Using Health Canada computers, then?

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  3. I would not lift a finger to help the Elizabeth Fry society. This is an organization that supported the unconditional release of Karla Homolka and hired lawyers to launch her appeal of the conditions the gov’t wanted to impose on her. Funny, they are so concerned about women in the justice system. How about some concern for the three underage girls she raped and murdered.

  4. Educate yourselves before you post.
    First of all, the Elizabeth Fry society does not hire lawyers for women. Karla Homolka hired her own lawyers. Elizabeth Fry is a CHARITY – they are mandated to assist any/all women in conflict with the law. They offered no special treatment or effort to have Karla Homolka released. She was released unconditionally because she served her full sentence. If the public had not been so outraged about an earlier release, they could ave had conditions imposed. The public needs to educate themselves about these kinds of legal issues. My heart goes out to the victims of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka – but the law is independent of public opinion. The people posting on this website should not blame the Elizabeth Fry society, which helps A LOT of women daily, for trying to act as supervisors of Karla when she was released – would you prefer that there was no-one to monitor her?

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